Monday, June 26, 2006

King Newsletter 6-5-06

June 9, 2006

Dear King Families,

As we begin to close this school year, I continue to be energized around the work we are doing to help kids at King learn. Looking over the growth that has occurred, I am amazed. I’m already looking forward to Curriculum Night next fall where I can share more of the details. Thanks goes to parents, volunteers, teachers—and all those who helped make this a successful year at King. I also want to express my thanks for the warm welcome I’ve received this year at King. I feel more a part of this great community every day!

Planning For 2006-07
It is about this time of the year that planning for next school year becomes more intense. This year is no exception. As I look at next school year at King, I am planning to start the school year with one less teacher than the 2005-06 school year, which is similar to what other Ann Arbor elementary schools are planning. This is a direct impact of the budget complexities the district is and has been facing. While it is not clear exactly how this will impact the grade configurations at King, it will mean about one additional student per class on average than this school year. As we move through the summer months, I will keep a close eye on enrollment. Ultimately, the number of students enrolled in each grade for next year will determine what changes are necessary. As in the past, you can expect a letter from me in late August with important information about the start of school including class placement information.

Ice Cream Social
WOW! The King PTO sure does know how to put on an ice cream social. The turnout was huge and the weather was great. My request for next year is that we somehow get some warmer water. It was really cold in there! And 7 out of the 10 kids who threw when I was “in the tank” ended up dunking me! I think we’ve got some future professional baseball pitchers at King.

Have a relaxing and productive summer!

Kevin Karr