Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Front Drive Redesign - Input Sought - 5/7 @ 7 PM

The King School community can soon look forward to many building improvements, thanks to funding approved by voters in 2004 that included modernizations to all K-12 buildings. At King School, construction will happen primarily during the summer of 2009; however, the planning for this is underway. This letter communicates important information about the planning at King—including repaving the front drive and a proposed redesign of the front drive.

The redesign of the front drive is intended to better ensure student safety during the busiest times of the day. The plan includes:
• A separate drop-off/pick-up lane for parents for use in the AM/PM;
• An “island” where students will transition to/from cars;
• A metal (but not chainlnk) fence on the “island” that will block students from crossing into the bus lane anywhere except at the crossing area directly in line with the front doors of the school;
• Increasing the width of the circle drive as much as 25 feet;
• Using grassy area in front of the school for the new drop-off/pick-up lane and the “island.”

King's Building Renovation Team has been meeting since September 2007 to consider and review improvements needed at King. The team includes representatives from the PTO, School Improvement Team and King faculty as well as experts from the district including architects, building planning personnel, traffic engineers, and facilities personnel.

In December 2007 the team sought input from the MLK community about the renovations. Now we are seeking input again--specifically on the front drive redesign—for consideration by the team. A meeting to share the plans and gather additional input will be held on May 7 at 7 PM at King School. Anyone who would like to give input is encouraged to attend.

To assist us in planning for the May 7 meeting, please RSVP by calling 994-1940 by May 7 at 9 AM or by sending an email to If you cannot attend but would like to give input via email, that can also be sent to

444 Visits in 14 days to MLK website

From time to time, someone asks how often the MLK website gets visited. Until 14 days ago, I wasn't quite sure. But now, with the help of some tracking software, I can see that the MLK website has been visited by 444 unique visitors in the last 14 days. The vast majority of our visitors are from Michigan (79%) but also includes visitors from 8 other countries and 21 other states! All told, our 8 visitors from South Korea seem to be most interested in our site, staying for an average of 6 minutes, 43 seconds per visit. Pretty interesting, huh?

Graphic of Front Drive Redesign Proposal

While I'm not sure how detailed it will show on your screen, the graphic below is the latest version front drive re-design proposal. It has been posted in response to a request for it. If you'd like a more detailed 1MB .pdf of the file instead, please email karrk at
Note: If you click on the image below, it will enlarge.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Food Allergy Forum - 5/8 @ 7 PM, Forstythe

FACT (Food Allergy Children’s Team) and AAPS present a forum for the Ann Arbor community to discuss and learn about food allergies.

May 8, 2008

Forsythe Middle School Media Center
1655 Newport Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Enjoy refreshments, educational displays and on-the-spot training on how to use an EpiPen or Twinject.

Dr. Marc McMorris Scientific causes, and increase in prevalence

Dr. Harvey Leo Allergists and parents working with schools to develop safer environments and social independence for students

Parents Explore a day in the life of a family coping with food allergies

School nurses Adapting to the changing workplace and learning place, developing safer environments

Panel for Q&A Parents, doctors and nurses answer your questions

Stay for conversation, questions, displays and EpiPen training!
Community Educational Forum: Food Allergies
Understanding the world of food allergies.
It affects us all!

Contact for questions:
Regan Dahle, Coordinator of FACT (Food Allergy Children’s Team), 313-570-6204
Marcia White, School Nurse, AAPS, pager: 817-3691

Monday, April 28, 2008

Free e-Waste Recycling - May 10

2nd Annual Free e-Waste Recycling Event
Saturday, May 10, 9a.m. - 2p.m.
Pioneer High School Parking Lot

The Ann Arbor Public Schools and the Climate Savers Computing Initiative@the University of Michigan are co-sponsoring a free e-waste recycling event for the community in cooperation with Apple Computers.

-Save our land and water systems and responsibly recycle your personal electronics
-Protect the environment- Keep electronic equipment out of landfills
-Conserve natural resources- Materials in your electronics are highly reusable
Unload old or unused:
Computer systems, speakers, monitors, printers, telephone/cell phones, wires/cables, televisions, modems.
For a complete list of materials, go to

All e-waste will be destroyed and recycled in the United States using an environmentally sound manner by an Environment Protection Agency-certified company courtesy of Apple Inc.

This event is for personal electronic equipment only. Last year, over 700 cars drove through the line!

Encuentro/ Reunión - Jueves, 8 de Mayo - 6 PM

Encuentro/ Reunión
“PotLuck” party

Para familias de estudiantes de la
Escuela Primaria de Habla Hispana.
En las escuelas Públicas de Ann Arbor.
For families of Spanish speaking elementary students

Jueves, 8 de Mayo / Thursday, May 8
6:00 p.m.- 7:30 p.m.
Lugar: Pittsfield School
2543 Pittsfield Blvd.
(Por Washtenaw o Packard, entre Carpenter y Platt Rds.)

Disfrutan la primavera con otras familias, amigos, profesores y comida!
Enjoy spring with other families, friends, teachers and food!

Trae un plato para compatir con todos
Bring a “potluck” dish to share with others
-Se ofreceran refrescos
drinks provided
Nos Vemos alli! / See you there!

Earth Week and Spring Clean Up

Earth Week and Spring Clean-up

I was literally blown away by the King students and classroom teachers' ENTHUSIASM during Earth Week! My heart was filled with inexpressable joy as I saw landscaping feats occurring all over the place, and even in the untidy courtyards that I can never manage to tame on my own. I elected to work with 3 classes sowing seed in the areas damaged by snow removal equipment. Mrs. Shaffer's first grade, Mrs. Gracey's third grade and Mr. Huyck's third grade worked incredibly hard to haul dirt, rake it out, seed the area, then cover the seed with more dirt and straw. Pray for rain and we'll have grass!

My projects weren't the only bill of affairs...

Dr. Mihalik's class cleaned the woods and area north of the parking lot. this was a huge, messy eye sore. Thank you fifth graders! They also weighed in trash and recyclables all day on Earth Day to see which one weighed more. Ask them if you get a chance. I'm curious, too.

Mrs. Lake's class also took the trash vs. recyclable challenge. What did they discover?

Mrs. Knorr's class raked, pulled weeds and scoured Megan's courtyard, collecting over 4 bags of yard waste.

Mrs. Shafie and Mr. Petty's classes raked and equally scoured Dorothy's natural courtyard. The bird bath is filled, the window cubbies have been swept!

Thank you King classes for your willing participation. Doesn't our school look so much better?!!!!! Please let me know what other classes did that I failed to mention.

Spring Clean-up happened even with our small, hard working crew. Saturday Ellen Hopkins, Ravi and Sushruta Shankar and Linda Ryan weeded all the flower beds and removed leaves from the west entry ground cover. Thank you mighty souls!

Late Saturday the mulch arrived and the mountain was partially depleted. Shan, Brian, and Rhea Cong along with my family, Carl, Rebecca, Catherine and me hauled mulch to dress up the flower beds. Much thanks to the Congs. Family power really makes a difference.

There is still mulch to be hauled.
If you or your family can help, please email me:
Linda M. Ryan, Landscape Chair

Friday, April 25, 2008

2nd Grade Open House / Music Night - 5/1 @ 6:30 PM

We're looking forward to seeing all of our wonderful 2nd grade families for the annual Open House and Music Night at MLK this Thursday, May 1 beginning at 6:30 PM.

Hope to see you there!

Poetry In The Wild Writing - From PTO Workshop

Congratulations to all of the creative 3rd and 4th grade writers that have participated in the Poetry in the Wild workshop over the last month. Led by Eastern Michigan University professor Carolyn Berge and her group of college students, the group has experimented with different forms of nature poetry. Many thanks to Carolyn and her students for making nature come to life on the pages of our kids' poetry journals. Check out some of the writing from the workshop...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Skyline Dedication Ceremony - 4/26 @ 3 PM

Please join the Ann Arbor Public School Board of Education and Administration for the dedication of Skyline High School, Saturday, April 26 from 3 - 5 p.m. at Skyline!

The community is welcome to attend the brief ceremony including tours of the school.
3:00 pm. Ceremony
3:30 - 5:00 p.m. Tours

Please join us!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Kindergarten Open House/Music Night - 4/24

The annual Kindergarten Open House and Music Night will be Thursday, April 24!

Here is the schedule for the night:
6:30 - Open House in your child's classroom (this is for this year's families)
7:00 - Concert
7:30 - Open House for 2008-09 Kindergarten children and families

Hope to see you there!


Put it on your calendars for next weekend...


April 26 9:30 AM to Noon
April 27 2:00 to 5:30 PM

Meet at the north entrance by the parking lot.
Bring large shovels, gloves, rakes, pruners, hat, sunglasses
Water provided.

It's time to spruce up the grounds at King again. We need enthusiastic volunteers! Choose a day, and give back to your community. Last year's group had a great time conversing while working and getting their hands into the earth. The flower beds were mulched, the parking lot swept of glass, and the trees got a major trim. King School really looked great!

Please consider joining the landscape committee to make the school look great AGAIN this Spring!

Take a look around and see all those beautiful bulbs various after school groups put in last Fall. They're sensational! Daffodils now, tulips to come, followed by day lilies!

Silent Auction Thank Yous!

Friday evening at MLK was absolutely grand! As the results of the Silent Auction become public, we are going to realize how successful the event was -- and again feel fortunate for all that can be given to our MLK kids because of the PTO's funding.

It is time to say THANK YOU to those who contributed this wonderful event. I'll start :-) and you can contribute by clicking the "comments" text below.

Thank you to Lisa Kohn for chairing the 2008 Silent Auction. The level of commitment needed to pull this event off is significant to say the least. Lisa's work, which was accomplished with style and grace, will benefit every student at MLK next year. What could possibly be a more significant contribution? Very nice, Lisa! I didn't see a bit of stress although I'm sure you worked very, very hard. WOW!!!

Learn About School Millage Votes at Clague This Wednesday

Learn more about Ann Arbor School's two upcoming millage renewal proposals at a community meeting this Wednesday, April 23, at 6:30 pm, at Clague Middle School. Superintendent Todd Roberts, along with members of the Citizens Millage Committee, will make a brief presentation to be followed by questions and answers. For other meeting dates and more information, check out the website at>.

The millage election is Tuesday, May 6. Proposal B renews the existing operating millage, which contributes nearly half of our schools’ operating budget. Proposal C renews the existing sinking fund millage, which allows the AAPS to perform critical regular maintenance on our schools without diverting resources from teaching. The Ann Arbor Area Chamber of Commerce, Burns Park PTO and others have endorsed the proposals.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


There will be three parts to the district's Elementary Summer Learning Institute this year.

  • The 1st grade program will run from Monday, July 7–Friday, July 25.
  • The 3rd grade program will run from Monday, July 7–Friday, August 1. Both of these programs will occur at Allen Elementary School. Students who have not yet reached grade level reading targets or have not yet reached a secure target on selected math outcomes are eligible.
  • The 6th grade program will run from Monday, June 16-Friday, June 27, at Scarlett Middle School. This program will address mathematics targets only. Students who have not yet reached a secure target on selected fifth grade math outcomes are eligible.
Bussing will be available for all three programs.

In order to attend, students must be referred by their classroom teacher. Teachers and principals are just now receiving applications for the program. If your child has been referred and you have further questions, please contact your child's teacher. With further questions, feel free to contact Principal Ché Carter,, for information on the first and third grade programs and Michele Madden,, for information on the sixth grade mathematics program.

Open House/Music Night Dates

The school calendar link on the right side of the homepage for MLK has been updated with the upcoming dates for grade level open houses and music nights.

The dates are as follows:
re has been a change in the scheduled date for the grade 3 open house/music program from April 24th to May 22nd. The other grade levels will have their open houses and programs as follows:

Kindergarten - April 24

Grade 1 - May 8

Grade 2 - May 1

Grade 5 - May 13

Grade 4 - May 15

Grade 3 - May 22

Parents will receive more specific information about these nights from classroom teachers and/or Mrs. Vanek.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Parents Helping Girls Figure Out Friendships

The Strong Moms, Strong Girls program is dedicated to promoting healthy female relationships by educating girls, women and the community about relational aggression (RA).

To learn more about RA please attend . . .

Parents Helping Girls Figure Out Friendships

Hosted by the:
Dicken Elementary School PTO
2135 Runnymede Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Wednesday, April 23, 2008 @ 7 PM

You can also check out their website at:

Silent Auction Safety Procedures

Dear MLK Families,

In case you’ve somehow missed it, the 4th annual MLK PTO Silent Auction will kick off at 5:30 PM this Friday, April 18.

This exciting fundraiser offers a wide array of donated goods and services including condominiums, cooking classes, parties, hotel stays, gift certificates—and much, much more. The complete catalog for the silent auction is available at:

The event is open to all, so if you would like to share the link above with someone who isn’t typically part of the King School community, please feel free. It is even possible for out of towners to bid by proxy! Special thanks goes to Silent Auction Chairperson Lisa Kohn and her PTO volunteers for the wonderful work they've done in making it all happen.

Please follow the standards below as you prepare for a great time at MLK this Friday:
1. Evening activities at King are family events. Parents and guardians are responsible for the close supervision of their children. Children cannot attend without a supervising adult.
2. Be aware of the evening safety procedures at MLK--including NO PARKING IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING.

Due to the limited availability of parking at King, parents should plan to park in the neighborhood during all evening events at King.
There is NO PARKING in front of the school, by the fire hydrant, or on the left-hand side of the front circular drive.

Reason: The front drive is a fire lane and must be kept accessible for emergency vehicles. The fire hydrant area must also be kept clear.

Drop Off/Pick Up
The front entrance will be available for drop off and pick up ONLY. AT NO TIME SHOULD PARKING OCCUR IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL.

Emergency Exits
Below is a map of the school with the arrows indicating emergency exits. Before you come to an evening event at King, please consider designating a place outside the building for your family to meet in the event that the building needs to be evacuated.

Front Entrance

If you have any questions, please call the school office. We'll be happy to help.

Kevin Karr
MLK School

Bagels and Buns Breakfast: Friday, April 18 @ 8

If you haven't been to a Bagels and Buns in a while (or ever) consider stopping by this Friday. Join parents, Mr. Karr and teachers in fun, conversation and food.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Silent Auction Update - 1 Day To Go!

In my daily travels, non-King families have mentioned our action notice in the Ann Arbor News and Observer. Mr. Karr has put the Sports Talk WTKA radio interview link on his blog spot.

**Note We posted the catalog in a more "user-friendly" pdf format and Mr. Karr's link no longer gets you to the catalog. You can click on some of the posted tems and get a link to a description.

Thank you, Kirti Karia, for your dedicated efforts!

Here is the link:

You can also get to it by King's Home Page/ PTO/Events

The posted catalog is WORKING! We have 3 proxy bids!

Remember to send the link to 10 friends. They might not have a need, but will know someone who does.
Proxy Bidding

Item # 253 UM Hockey Stick, signed by Red Berenson PB $175

Item #352 UM Hockey Jersey, signed by players PB $125

Now, if we could just get the stick. Seems Coach Berenson has been a little busy lately collecting a "Coach of Year" award and wrapping up a great season!


If you haven't ordered your dinner, please do so TODAY.


Much better shape than last year, thanks to "round'em up Bonnie" Mauch.

However, we desperately need 2 people to work the Teacher's Lounge to file winning bid numbers to Registration Forms. Your hours: 7pm to 8:20pm.

Check out will not exist without this critical function.

Think you can help?

Added to our Raffle Table...

Detroit Lions signed football. A chance to win with a $1.00 ticket purchase.
(Some annually disappointed fans may say that's a bargain)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

WTKA Silent Auction Audio

Lisa Kohn and I want to thank Andy Evans and Sam Webb for having us on AM 1050 WTKA this morning to talk about the upcoming MLK PTO Silent Auction this Friday, April 18 beginning at 5:30.

During our time on WTKA, Andy Evans asked about last year's visit to MLK by former football coach Lloyd Carr. Click here to learn more about that special day!

If you missed the WTKA audio, you can still hear it by clicking below:

MLK PTO Silent Auction Catalog

You can view the full MLK PTO Silent Auction Catalog at:

Happy Bidding!

Monday, April 14, 2008

PTO meets on Tuesday, April 15 at 7 PM

The King PTO will meet on Tuesday, April 15 at 7 PM. Hope to see you there!

King Silent Auction This Friday - April 18, 5:30 - 9

The King PTO Silent Auction is shaping up to be the best one ever! Everyone should attend :-) The silent auction catalog is nearly twice the size it has been in the past and includes all of the following:
  • Timeshares (in Antigua, Cancun, Aspen, and Vail),
  • Parties
  • an iPod
  • A Nintendo Wii
  • Classroom baskets
  • Ethnic meals
  • Tickets to the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings
  • Sports memorabilia from the Detroit Lions, Michigan Wolverines, and Red Wings
  • Delicious home-made baked goods
  • Unique items from around the world
  • Gift certificates to restaurants and retail stores
  • Jewelry and other accessories
  • Various consultants
  • Coffee with the superintendent
  • A limo lunch for eight lucky students with Mr. Karr
  • A variety of events/experiences with King teachers
  • Books
  • Much, much more!

The fun will start at 5:30 PM with a scrumptious international buffet for a cost of $7.50 (must order by 4/15/2008). Pizza by the slide will also be available.

For the kids, there will be magic shows at 6:15 and 7:05, and the "Balloon Guy" Josh Kamradt will be around with his amazing air-filled creations. We're also hoping that the weather will cooperate and kids will be able to use the playground.

If you have questions, please contact Lisa Kohn at

See you Friday evening!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's not too late to write an essay or poem for Earth Day!

Writing is something all kids at King can do and do really well. The writing subject is our environment, how to care for it, and/or how to preserve it. Don't delay, the contest ends this Friday, April 18th. See below for the guidelines.

Contest Rules for Green Team essay writing
1. Write an essay / poem about how to care for the environment. (see example poem below).
2. Make sure to put your name, grade, and class on your essay / poem.
3. Put your essay / poem in the envelope outside Mrs. Knorr's room.
4. Turn in your essay / poem by April 17.
5. Poems must be at least 1 paragraph, and essays must be 3 paragraphs or whatever fits on 1 page.
6. Kindergarten and first graders are allowed to do pictures with a sentence under them.

Example poem: The things I've heard, the things I've seen, to imagine them all turning green. I'd say that if we continue being fair, the earth will be saved for people whom we care. Baily Williams, Mrs. Higgenboggin's class

Winning poems will be displayed on Earth Day!
submitted by Mrs. Ryan, Zoe, Laura, Christine, Michi and Alice in Mrs. Knorr's 4th grade

Thursday, April 03, 2008

AAPS Operating and Sinking Fund Millage Restorations

Ann Arbor school district voters will see two millage renewals on the ballot in the May 6th election. The AAPS board voted unanimously to put the district's operating millage (non-homestead and hold-harmless), and sinking fund millage on the ballot. Both millages continue existing millages set to expire in 2009.

Restoration of Operating Millage
The operating millage consists of 18-mill non-homestead millage affecting only commercial property, rentals, and second homesteads. The homestead portion of the operating millage, at 4.72 mills, affects residential owners. The owner of a home with a market value of $200,000 and a taxable value of $100,000 pays $472 in taxes per year as a result of this millage.

The operating millage stems from the 1994 Proposal A law, which created a state per-pupil grant to go to each district. The operating millage makes up approximately 45% ($85 million) of the district's annual $180 million operating budget. Passage of the millage renewals is required in order for the Ann Arbor Public Schools to receive its full allocation of operating funds from the Michigan legislature. The State of Michigan will not make up this funding if the millage is not approved locally.

Restoration of Sinking Fund
The second millage on the ballot is the sinking fund, which is used for renovating and repairing district facilities. Voters last approved the 1-mill tax in 2004. The 2004 sinking fund was used for mechanical and electrical upgrades in all AAPS schools, new boilers and classroom ventilators, roof air handling systems, new plumbing fixtures and air conditioning for elementary school media centers and computer labs. With the continued support of the sinking fund millage the district would address school roof and parking lot repairs, new ceilings and lighting and school security and access improvements.

To learn more and have any questions addressed please join the Superintendent and his staff as well as members of the Citizen’s Millage Committee at one of these community meetings:

AAPS Community Millage Meetings
All begin at 6:30 p.m.

Monday, April 14 Slauson Middle School
Monday, April 21 Forsythe Middle School
Wednesday, April 23 Clague Middle School
Thursday, April 24 Scarlett Middle School
Thursday, May 1 Tappan Middle School

To find your polling place or receive an Absentee Ballot visit

For more information, and/or to find out if you are registered to vote, go to the Citizens Millage Committee website at or the AAPS web site at

Extended Day Option Kindergarten Update

For families who are awaiting news about the results of the random drawing for Extended Day Option kindergarten, you will be receiving more information the week of April 14.

I will let you know ASAP. :-)

Spring Break April 5 - 13

As a reminder, Spring Break 2008 will be from April 5 - 13. During this time, the school and school office will be closed.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Green Team Challenge #3

Challenge #3

We're on a roll now... Hopefully you have tried to do challenges 1 and 2 by now. If not, it's not too late. Eliminating catalogs from filling up your mailbox and recycle bin can be remedied by going to Also, we suggested that you try changing a light bulb or two to fluorescent ones to save on electricity.

Now for challenge # 3... Turn off the water when you're not using it. This means, don't just let it run while you're brushing your teeth, for example. Also check for leaky faucets that drip all day and night long. A fast dripping faucet can leak 20 - 30 gallons per day. A slow leaking faucet wastes 5 -10 gallons per day. In the worst case, this means almost 11,000 gallons a year! There's people in the world crying out because they need water! So why let it go wastefully down the drain? Be more GREEN, and except the challenge to be a water waste watcher!

Contest Rules for Green Team essay writing

1. Write an essay / poem about how to care for the environment. (see example poem below).

2. Make sure to put your name, grade, and class on your essay / poem.

3. Put your essay / poem in the envelope outside Mrs. Knorr's room.

4. Turn in your essay / poem by April 17.

5. Poems must be at least 1 paragraph, and essays must be 3 paragraphs or whatever fits on 1 page.

6. Kindergarten and first graders are allowed to do pictures with a sentence under them.

Example poem: The things I've heard, the things I've seen, to imagine them all turning green. I say that if we continue being fair, the earth will be saved for people whom we care. Baily Williams, Mrs. Higgenboggin's class

Winning poems will be displayed on Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

May 6 Voting Deadlines

Final Day to Register to Vote:
Monday, April 7, 2008

Absentee Ballot Applications Available:
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Absentee Ballots Must Be Obtained:
Saturday, May 3, 2 p.m.

Absentee Ballots Must Be Returned:
Tuesday, May 6, 8 p.m.

Election Day:
Tuesday, May 6, 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Silent Auction Update - Last Call For Donations!

Submitted by: Amy Cell

Please complete the attached form by April 4th and send to Lisa Kohn. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far - this will be the BEST SILENT AUCTION YET thanks to everyone's generosity and creativity. Check it out:

You won't want to miss out on any of the fabulous items that will be up for bid, including the following: Table Top Foosball Table, Soccer Ball Cake, Home-made Fudge, Podiatry Consultation/nail trimming/fungus removal, Adult Poker Party, Fabulous children parties, Japanese Hot Pot, Oil Paintings, Gift certificates (Ocean Nails, Big Georges, Touch Spa, Ann Arbor Gold, Snap Fish) Showcase Cinema Gift Package, Computer Troubleshooting, Detroit Tigers Package, Antigua Timeshare, Chinese Family Style Meal, Toddler sweater, Audubon Bird Outing, Bike Helmet, Signed Hockey Jersey, Homemade cookies, Anatolia Food Products, Financial Coaching, Babysitting, Quilt, Music Lessons, Books, Year's Supply of Hommus, Flashlight Radio, ESL Classes, Aspen Condo, Week of Wine, Management Consulting, Authentic Indian Meal, Chocolate Lollipops, Home Delivered Meals, Pokemon Gift Basket, Eggi baby diaper pod, iPod, Spicy Food Basket, Classical Kids DVD set, Wacky Math Playdate, Fairy Basket, College Education Consultation, Cancun Condo, Wall Street Journal Subscription, Storytelling event, Tea Party with Beloved Music Teacher, Zoom Teeth Whitening, Vail Condo, Coffee with the Superintendent, BBQ and Pontoon Boat ride, Applecake, Year of Cookies and Brownies, Portrait, Red Wings Tickets, Ethically traded items, All Natural Soap Basket, Jewelry, Accessories, Adult Poker Party, Ladies Night Out Party, Help Someone Pack And Eat Food That Has Been In Their Pantry For 8 Years So They Can Move Around The Corner Party, Personal Training, and MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A HUGE Thanks to the following for contributing so far: Lily Au, Ken Morishima, Evan & Connor, George Schumacher, The Schweitzer Family, The Dubin Family, The Damschroder Family Meilan Huang, Elsie Orb, Washtenaw Audubon Society, Carl Hagelin & U-M's Ice Hockey Team, Dennis Pontius, Girl Scout Troop #557, Neslihan Gunal, Susan Hamady, Dave Palmer, Kris Palmer, Ann Reindel Flucke, Erin Zurbuchen, Leah Tremonti, Lisa Kohn, Family of Lisa Quinn, Bev McGuckin, Francine MacBride, Backyard Ventures, the Fingar-Myers Family, Amy Cell, David Barton, Dr. Diana Wong, Mailini's Mom, Susan Aaronson, Laurie Barnett, The Joseph family, the Aldrich family, the Kukucka family, the Irani-Moore family, The Li/Liu family, Jing Liu, the Schatz family, Mary Zeigler, the Rich family, Nidhi Nigam, Kirti Karia, Maneesha Gulati, Dan Hollander, Juanita Merchant, the Boudette family, Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, Ms. Vanek, the Cairo/Schuster family, Todd Roberts, the Iaonne family, Sassa Akervall, Michigan Brain & Spine, Max Brodkey, Repair Industries of Michigan.