Friday, August 29, 2008

Drop-off and Pick-up Policy

Unloading (Drop-off)
• Drop off near the entrance or near the exit of the circle drive only.
• Unload between the “Load/Unload” signs only.
• Drivers stay in cars.
• “Stop – Drop – Go Slowly”: Stop the vehicle, drop-off your children, & exit the loading/unloading area slowly. No standing or waiting in the circle drive.
• Children should exit the vehicle immediately upon stopping. If your child is not ready, you should exit the loading/unloading area to park or circle around and re-enter the unloading lane.
• Children exit on the passenger-side only and move directly to the sidewalk.
• Vehicles should exit the load/unload lane by pulling forward. Backing-up the vehicle is a safety hazard and should be avoided.
• Drivers should allow exiting vehicles to pull forward and leave prior to entering the load/unload lane.

Loading (Pick-up)
• Vehicles pull all the way forward into the Load/Unload area of the circle drive.
• Drivers and passengers must stay in their cars at all times. No parking!
• Children use sidewalk(s) to approach vehicle.
• Children enter vehicle from the curb-side only.
• To leave, drivers carefully pull out into the circle drive thru-lane.
• Drivers should avoid backing up when exiting.
• As a vehicle leaves, all drivers should pull forward to allow additional vehicles to join the load area.
• Additional vehicles may enter the Load/Unload area only as space permits.

Vehicles may park on Waldenwood Drive except where indicated, on nearby subdivision streets, or in the school parking lot. Please remind your child to use the sidewalks and crosswalks if they are leaving a vehicle or meeting you at your vehicle. Please do not park within 20 feet of any crosswalk.

revised, 8/08