Friday, April 30, 2010

Extended Day Option Kindergarten 10-11 Update - 5 Spaces Left

There are five spaces left for EDO for next year Kindergarten at King School for the 2010-11 school year.

For more information, CLICK HERE or call the King School office at 994-1940.

Monday, April 26, 2010

UM BEATS OSU - Thanks Again! Everyone Wears Maize and Blue to Ice Cream Social!

I want to again thank the King Community for their support at the
Silent Auction to keep me wearing Maize and Blue!

I have planned to wear my Maize and Blue the day of the Ice Cream
Social! This is a perfect time because not only can I wear my colors
but everyone else can too! Yes, that's right! Even the OSU fans in
the King Community can wear the colors of Michigan. It only seems
fitting since they didn't bid enough at the auction to put me in
Scarlet and Grey. Don't you agree?

2010-11 Kindergarten Update - One Half-Day Kindergarten - AM Section

April 26, 2010

Dear M. L. King Kindergarten Parent,

For the 2010-11 school year, King School will have one half-day kindergarten class which will be an AM session. Exact times for the section have not yet been set; however, last year the AM section met from 8:48 - 11:54.  

Some families requested the PM half-day kindergarten section for the 2010-11 school year, but that section will not be offered next year.

I also want to remind families that we have expanded the opportunities for a whole day kindergarten experience next year by offering two Extended Day Option (EDO) classes.  EDO classes meet in the AM for academics and the PM is tuition based day-care.  It is a nice option for working families who need to have children involved all day long.  As of this writing, there are eight spots open for EDO next year.  If you are interested (or you know a family who may be interested), please sign up at the Rec and Ed department.  Rec and Ed is located at 1515 S. Seventh.

If you have any questions, please call us at 994-1940. 





Kevin Karr

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Silent Auction Success!

The Silent Auction is now over, and it was a GREAT success and a GREAT time!  I'm not sure about how much money was actually raised for King School, but I will post it on the King website as soon as I know.

Thank you to all of the families who came tonight to spend their hard earned dollars to support our school.  You are a wonderfully supportive community!

While I'm writing this several moms and dads are sweeping floors, stacking tables, counting charge slips, organizing bid sheets, and doing everything else that needs to be done to finish a great Silent Auction fundraiser! A HUGE thanks goes to all of the volunteers.  This night couldn't have happened without your work and your selflessness.  As a community we owe you a huge debt of gratitude.  I want to personally thank Alena Stocking for all of her effort and organization of this event.  You've been wonderful!

I also want the King community to know how much the King staff appreciates the support of our PTO!  The funding the PTO gives towards King School classrooms and grade level field trips makes a HUGE positive impact each year.

Again, thanks to everyone who came out tonight.  Have a great weekend!  I can't wait for the Ice Cream Social!

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Friday, April 23, 2010


With a combined winning bid of $520, I am ecstatic to announce UM fans prevailed over Duke, Stanford, Michigan State, Purdue, Yale, Columbia, the University of Phoenix Online, and last and least The Ohio State University!

Thank you to all of the Maize and Blue faithful for all of their support! Watch for updates soon on the best and biggest King School Spirit Friday EVER!

Silent Auction on

Just a quick note to say I'm looking forward to seeing everyone tonight at the Silent Auction.

Also, thanks to King parent Frances Kai-Hwang for featuring our great event (and the fun we've been having leading up to the event) on Check it out by CLICKING HERE. I hear a link to the article was sent to the President of OSU!


PS - Remember - wear Maize and Blue tonight!

PHOTOS: King School Earth Day Activities

Silent Auction Today!

Silent Auction Today!
(and more memories)

Behind the scenes Memories:
This will be the 1st auction in 3 years that we haven't changed the date! -Lisa Kohn

Auction 2008, my first year chairing, and there was lots of tabouli left over. It's my absolute, drop dead, most favorite food in the world. Sleep deprived, frayed, I put the tabouli aside, while I cleaned up. The cleaning crew threw it out. Ugly melt down ensued--through away the hummus, but NOT the tabouli . --Lisa Kohn

Sitting in the King parking lot, 3 hours before the auction begins, waiting for a guy I've never met to deliver the hot, buzz-worthy raffle item of the year (a DSi) that I had "guaranteed" I could get. Man, was that close! He finally showed up and handed me a box though his car window-nothing shady about that, huh? -Camille Ziolek

Favorite business to Solicit: Washtenaw Dairy. Per Dave at the Dairy: "Yep, just make up the certificate, that's fine." --Lisa Kohn

When I e-mailed Terri Brodkey and said "what do we do if we don't have addendum items??" And she very wisely said "you will...." --Alena Stocking

Wrestling pencils away from bidders after an auction closes-you'd be surprised how many people try to hide those pencils! -Anonymous table monitor

Trying to decide if the Jesse James reference was too much for a "Date Night" description in the catalog . . . then deciding it was all good! -Amy Cell

Knowing that the longer the catalog writing goes on, and the more wine Amy and I consume, the more risque the jokes get. -Camille Ziolek (see above)
Checklist...Science Olympiad shirt if participating; catalog with your notes; watch to keep track of 7:15, 7:30 and 7:45; an appetite for the scrumptious buffett; $1 or $2 for popsicles; address labels to fill out your raffle tickets faster; comfortable shoes to walk from you car (no parking in the driveway); and of course....CHECKBOOK.
Making Memories and Feeling Connected
There are so many King experiences to bid on that provide wonderful memories for your family to share: Teacher offerings, delivered dinners, Henna lessons, Lego parties, Moms' Night Out, King Community Partini, Bayou dinner's these things that bring us together and allow to get to know other families outside of drop off & pick up.
Proxy Bidders--where are you? You might not be able to make it to the auction, but bring home a prize with a proxy bid. Bids accepted until 5 pm on your proxy sheet in the King office.

2010 Silent Auction Catalog Available On-line

The annual MLK School Silent Auction will be held on Friday, April 23!

You can view the auction catalog including auction items and the rules of engagement by CLICKING HERE!

Can't wait to see you there!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mr. Karr's Silent Auction Plea

Dear Maize and Blue Supporters,

The annual King School Silent Auction is just over 24 hours away . . . and we have a problem on our hands.

CLICK HERE if you don't know know about the problem.

CLICK HERE to show your Maize and Blue support!

Silent Auction Reminders:

  • No parking in front of the school
  • Registration begins at 5:30 and the fun begins at 6:00
  • Don't forget to wear your Maize and Blue!

Thank you!


Very, very bad news --> OSU Update: The checks (plural) in the mail...

This is very, very bad news . . . we need to do our best thinking and
strategizing ASAP. Oh my . . .


On Apr 22, 2010, at 1:12 PM, OSU Parent wrote:

Mr. Karr

Unfortunately, you under-estimate the loyalty of the OSU fan base.
The King-OSU contingent has been steadily organizing over the past two
weeks and has gotten in contact with Mr. Jeffrey Scott, principal of
an elementary school in Columbus, Ohio (I cannot divulge which school
on conditions of anonymity) who agreed to help us with our efforts.
This unnamed school went viral with our plea - sending out numerous
emails, and has helped collect quite a few checks. Of course, this
does not surprise me.

In Mr. Scott's email to me, he indicated that he mailed off the
envelope containing these checks on Tuesday, so this should arrive in
today's mail. I have promised him we will forward a picture of you,
donning the lovely scarlet and gray jersey with smile intact, so that
he can share this with his elementary school. I think you will find
the colors suit you much better than maize and blue.


The King - OSU Contingent

New Silent Auction Items Announced

New Auction Items--Take Note Proxy Bidders
Just like past years, more items come in after the catalog is completed, OR the catalog has some mistakes.
252 Date Night Package # 4. Now includes Tickets to DSO and $50 gift cert to Main Street Ventures Value $122

252.5 West End Grill Gift Certificate $100. Donated by Beth Kimball and Tom Wright

184 King Wear & Water Bottle--Size YL; Sapphire Peace, Love, Smile Logo $13

185 King Wear--Adult M Sweatshirt; Block letters; Navy/Gold $22

186 Hiller's Gift Cert--Donated by Hiller's Value $50

189 Detroit Red Wings--Thomas Holdstrom Signed Photo Value $40

277 Binder Park Zoo-- 4 passes-2 Adult/2 Children--Donated by the zoo $46

278 1-800-Junk--1/4 truckload of junk removal; OR 1/2 truckload of yard waste, rocks, concrete Value: $262

280 Sweetwaters Travel Mug and Coffee Beans--Donated by Sweetwaters $30

281 Jade Plant and basket items--Donated by Marie Steele Value $25

282 Water Proof MP3 player--Donated by the Stegemann Family Value $200

282 Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router--Donated by Suman and Ravi Shankar Value $50

284 & 284.5 Ceramics by Mylinda Balint--Value $30 each

354 Private Gyrotonics/Pilates Lesson--Donated by The Movement Center $70

374 Eco-Friendly Basket --Donated by Ms.Shah's Class

377 Family Fun Basket--Donated by Ms. Schroeder's Class

378 Lights, Camera, Action Basket--Donated by Mr. Hyuck's Class

379 Hand Decorated Tote Bag--Space--Donated by Dr. M. Students--value Priceless

380 Hand Decorated Tote Bag--Sports--Donated by Dr. M. Students--value Priceless

381 Hand Decorated Tote Bag--Planet Earth--Donated by Dr. M. Students--value Priceless

King School UM Fans Unite! - at the Silent Auction

Just wanted to make sure everyone saw this . . .
Thank you.

New Procedure for Dressing Mr. Karr in your "Color of Choice"

On auction night, there will be a dedicated "pledge" table whereby you fill out your : Name, "color choice" and how much you pledge. Final tally will be at 7:45 and winning color will be the one with the most dollars pledged. Announcement of winner is at 8:15pm. If your color wins---You pay. If your color doesn't win--Pay nothing.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HELP: An OSU Threat

Dear OSU Parent,
I think they messed your jersey up. You should ask for a refund! The colors are off because I only wear blue and yellow jerseys like that . . . and my peeps will represent on Friday.
Mr. K

Begin forwarded message:
From: An OSU Parent
Date: April 21, 2010 3:02:28 PM GMT-04:00
To: Kevin Karr <>
Subject: I had it dry cleaned yesterday

You're going down ... (in style)

PHOTO: OSU Fan at MLK - This is what I'm talking about!

Mr. K's Silent Auction Update

Dear MLK Families,

If you are a University of Michigan fan, graduate, or supporter, I want to make you aware of something disturbing that is happening at King School. CLICK HERE.

This is obviously unacceptable, so we need to get organized before the Silent Auction this Friday at 6 PM. CLICK HERE to show your support!


Silent Auction Countdown - 3 Days!

Martin Luther King School
Silent Auction Countdown- 3 Days
(read about some auction memories)

Favorite Items:

 We have annual favorite items -According to our kids, we always aim for the world's best hummus in monthly installments from Lisa K.; Mom parties and soccer cakes from Amy C.; parties from King parents; and flowers from Mrs. Vanek's garden.  We feel we get a little more connected through food and flowers with the King Community!  Yummm! -- Diana Wong
There was Mrs. Jarjoura's  Webkinz basket three years ago ( when Webkinz were a really hot ticket among the grade school crowd).  Every little girl was ooogling over it.  I would love to know what that went for. -- Laura Boudette
Our first Zap Zone auction ended up with all of the King students and teachers working together to defend ourselves against a group of students from another school.   It was SO much fun! --Sandra Michalik
My favorite auction memories are:  bidding with another couple on a fabulous Indian dinner!  My husband would say, going in with a couple of other guys on the 
Red Wings tickets. --Lisa Joseph
My favorite auction memory is the time I tried very hard to win "Limousine lunch with Mr. Karr" for my son. I hovered around the table till the last second. I won it. A few minutes later, I was told "Your son won the raffle---Lunch with Mr. Karr" My son won the same item!!??"  --Lily Au
Taking eight kids each year on the Limo Lunch with Mr. Karr! --Mr Karr
The awesome Indian Cuisine we enjoyed based on a winning bid. --Reates Curry
I remember bidding on a beautiful bag from India.  I was amazed I got it, and treasure it to this day. --Sandra Michalik
In 2009  Kevin Karr was coveting the authentic UM hockey jersey... but Joel Gechter won it...everyone wondered WWKD?  Turns out Joel was the "beard" for Kevin and Mr. Karr was one happy man that night.--Lisa Kohn
Knowing Joel Gechter was bidding on the UM Hockey Jersey on my behalf in 2009 . . . and winning it. --Mr Karr
My favorite memory is the first Mom's night out party.  Kim Markey was such a great host (and her house so beautiful!)  I met lots of Moms whose kids are in different grades that I never would have met otherwise.  Lots of laughs that night! --Sarah Hemlich

I don't have one time that stands out over the other.  (I've done a baseball card bid where I went to visit another child at his home and go over baseball cards and give him some at the end.  I've also done lunches with the kids.)  The only thing I can say is it's fun to interact with the kids every year who win an item without the stresses of trying to educate them and get them focused on their school work.  So, I guess the best part is just being with the kids and doing something "fun" with them.  --Mr Clarkson

Silent Auction Tip #3

We'd love to see every penny of your dollars go towards student enrichment activities and not line the pockets of the banks.  So, we would prefer if you paid by cash or check to avoid bailing out the banks even more but we'll accept whatever works the best for you.  There are some amazing vacations available such as condos at Boyne Mountain, Antigua and Aspen so credit cards may be unavoidable!  

Picnic with Mrs. Gatonez
Who cares if there's ants?'s Mrs. G.!

Container Garden with Mrs. Vanek
 Might be some humming while you work.

Zap Zone with the 5th grade teachers
Realistic fiction story...ZAP...Patriots and Loyalists...ZAP...Improper Fractions...ZAP

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Silent Auction Countdown - 4 Days!

Martin Luther King School
Silent Auction Countdown--4 Days
(read about some auction memories)

Favorite Auction Memories

First Auctions: 

I just remember the warmth and companionship I felt as a new parent to King School being welcomed and appreciated by the whole team. --Alena Stocking
I remember my first year at King, I had no clear idea what a silent auction actually was. I had several items I wanted to bid on, but didn't realize some things closed first-I arrived so late I missed the entire first close and didn't even get to bid! --Camille Ziolek
My 1st auction...I was quite the novice.. .I thought "for sure" we won the Holiday Inn night and I was even a 
table monitor that night . . .went to check out only to find we won nothing.  What a rookie. --Lisa Kohn

Bidding & Winning . . .or not
"Not winning a DARN thing..... but enjoying myself a WHOLE LOT - I didn't even win the Franklin books.... but had a great time."-- Alena Stocking
The craziness of trying to remember what I bid on and the pleasant surprises at the end when I won things I didn't remember bidding on. --Sandy Aldrich
Getting every-five-minute frantic updates from my child hovering over the auction sheet to make sure we put in the last bid on the item she wanted. --Reates Curry
 I like watching people trying hard to look like they're not hovering over a bid sheet, even though that's exactly what they're doing.  --Camille Ziolek
I love watching the students try to convince their parents what is the best deal and what to bid on. --Sandra Michalik
Watching parents trying to block other parents from bidding on auction items . . . and me suggesting that some slide tackling might be considered. --Mr Karr

More memories tomorrow....

Silent Auction Tip #2

Remember the raffle.  For just $1, you have a chance to win an iTouch, a Limo ride with Mr. Karr, King Wear, baskets and more!

Give your kids a few dollars and let them experience the thrill of trying to win something for themselves, because....CHILDREN are not permitted to bid on table items---Not even a GOBS OF GUM basket, or 200 SQUISHES, or 500 BOX TOPS,or the case of wine!

(Parents must be aware of their children's whereabouts at all times)
Ice Skating with Mr. Clarkson
Is checking allowed?

Hiking with Mrs. Jarjoura
GPS included?

Pizza with Ms. Harris
anchovies anyone?

Painting with Ms. Wayne
a stroke of luck if you win

Monday, April 19, 2010

Silent Auction Countdown - 5 Days!

King School Silent Auction Countdown--5 Days

Silent Auction Tip #1

Study, study study! Study the catalog and make a list of your MUST HAVE items. There are over 250 items to bid on and not even a Jedi Knight could win all of them! Hovering not permitted, but stay close by with your light saber to take action as the bidding ends. Remember that there is no parking in the driveway--that would surely cause a disturbance in the force.

Basketball with Mr. Petty

Dunking allowed?
Bowling with Mrs. Gracey and Mrs. Knorr

Can you spare a moment for a good time?

Wondering About Those Horizon Travel Packages?

To clarify about the packages, see this link on Mr. Karr's Blog

Friday, April 16, 2010

Information on 'Cruises' and 'Vacation Condo Option' Items in the Catalog

King Community:
We have had a few questions regarding clarification of the Horizon travel options listed in the catalog. Let me see if I can clarify. If this still does not help – please contact Alena Stocking with specific questions,
Vacation Condo Options (Page 14; item numbers 201, 202, 203, 204)

· 4 packages – Southeast, Southwest, Florida and Midwest

· Packages are for 8 days and 7 nights for studio or one-bedroom accommodations

o Upgrades are available for a cost to Horizon for more bedrooms

· These packages feature resorts such as Westin, Radisson, and Wyndam – in addition to many other independent options. I think of these as similar to a timeshare you might visit or accommodations you might find while looking for extended stay options. They are like a mini-apartment where you would stay for a week.

· Options are found online by looking at Click on the resort directory to look around. There are 1,637 options around the country – and many in each of the item categories.

· If you win a particular package – you would go online – look at options and then call to check availability.

· You must book 90 days in advance and these must be used within a year.

· I think these are a GREAT option if you like to be out of a hotel, in your own space with a kitchen, pool, etc. – for a vacation.

Cruises (Page 13; item numbers 102 & 103)

· One is Royal Carribean – one is Carnival – Royal Carribean also leaves from California – this is a catalog correction.

· These are 5-day, 4-night cruises, basic cabin rooms, upgrades available for a price.

· If you are the winner of this item you will call Horizon to see about availability.

· Must book 90 days in advance.

· Must get yourself to the port of call.

· Expires in one year.

Why are these in the auction? Horizon offers these at a discounted rate to non-profits for auctions. PTO only pays if someone bids and wins the item. This is a way for the organization to fill spaces that might otherwise not be used – and a good way to advertise at a local level.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Free e-Waste Recycling Event

9 a.m. - 2 p.m. 
Saturday, April 24
Location:  Pioneer High School Parking Lot
601 W Stadium Blvd at Main St   (Map it.)

Recycle your e-waste: it's quick, easy, and earth-friendly!
   * computer systems
   * monitors
   * telephones/cell phones
   * televisions
   * speakers
   * printers
   * wires/cables
   * modems
Drive Through, Drop Off, and We'll Take Care of the Rest
   * All e-Waste will be destroyed and 100% recycled in the
United States in an environmentally sound manner by a fully permitted recycling facility.
   * Security precautions are made throughout the recycling process to ensure all data is destroyed.

Everyone Is Invited
   * Tell your friends and neighbors in southeast Michigan.
   * Small businesses and non-profits with large quantities of equipment are invited to participate in the Institutional eWaste Event on April 22-23. Click here for more information on the institution event.
Save Our Land and Water Systems and Responsibly Recycle Your e-Waste
   * Protect the environment. Keep hazardous electronic equipment out of landfills.
   * Conserve natural resources. Materials in your electronics are highly reusable.
Events co-sponsored by the University of Michigan Office of Campus Sustainability and local partners.
For tips on recycling your e-Waste at other times, see the article from Planet Green.
Recycling services provided by Apple.

What part of PTO will you play in 2010-2011?

Please consider chairing or co-chairing a PTO function in the 2010-2011 school year. Our PTO will need Board representation including, President, Vice President and Secretary. You will have the support of previous chairs and other PTO members who are familiar with events to help you navigate a position. Positions to consider: Newsletter (monthly), PTOC rep (learn what is going on throughout the district), Grocery cards, Teacher Appreciation, AA Parent Advisory (AAPAC)--represents King at district meeting for children with IEP's or 504 plans, Disability Awareness workshop Chair, Grade Level Reps and many other positions that support our children and our strong school. 

Questions or information? email You may also contact Lisa Kohn,

Type To Learn Software Available At Home

Parents and guardians of students in grades 3-5, please check your child's backpack for a green letter that details the instructions for using Type to Learn at home.  This online version can be downloaded at no cost onto most home computers, and with your child's login information it will provide customized lessons paced just right for his/her progress and ability.

This can only be accomplished by using the instructions and passwords provided on the green letter titled "Important News." If you cannot locate this letter, please email me and I will send another copy home.

Unfortunately, the school and district cannot supply technical support should you encounter problems with this process, but it has been tested in many homes and it seems to work well.  Keyboarding skills are so very important to this generation of children, and we're happy that we can provide you with a way to support their progress at home. And the bonus is: the kids love it!
Thanks, Ann O'Keefe

Bagels And Bun - 4/16 @ 8:20

Bagels and Buns is this Friday, April 16th starting at 8:20 A.M. - 8:48A.M.

Join us for Starbucks coffee and a conversation.

Please come enjoy a cup of coffee and a bagel in the company of other King school parents.

Bagel and cream cheese - $1
Bun - $2
Orange juice - 50c
Thank you,
Christina Nedeltchev

An Auction Update from the Ohio State - King Elementary School Contingent

Support is pouring in from formerly unknown OSU fans at King School. Momentum is strong and we are confident that Mr. Karr will look particularly rosie in a scarlet and gray jersey. Contact for more information about pooling funds to win this silent auction item.

Auction Chair Note - "As promised - I am honoring the requests of the Ohio State fans at GREAT personal angst. In the name of fund raising - we appreciate the OSU efforts and will accept their donation willingly - but COME ON UM people - we do LIVE in Ann Arbor - won't this be an embarrassment to see Mr. Karr in "scarlett" and grey? Ugh... This is painful!!"
- Alena Stocking

Eat At The Silent Auction

Pre-order your buffet dinner for the King Silent Auction now.  Cost is $8 per person for one trip down the buffet line ($10 at the door).  Menu includes a delicious array of food from local restaurants:  Tios, Temptations, Evergreen, & Jerusalem Garden.  You'll get a chance to sample all four cuisines.  Whole pizzas (cheese or pepperoni) may be pre-ordered too.  Pizzas are $10 or $1.50/slice.  Pre-order at the auction!  
Cut off the coupon at the bottom and submit to Silent Auction mailbox in office by Tuesday, April 20th OR even easier, e-mail your order to: .

Volunteer @ Silent Auction

Silent Auction is on April 23! Volunteers are still
needed to make the event run smoothly. Please
consider helping that evening.  Help is really 
needed with selling food at the food table and 
also in the file room. Please use the doodle link to
sign up! 
Submitted by Rachel Sabb

Thursday, April 01, 2010

UPDATE: Extended Day Option for 2010-11

King School will house two Extended Day Option kindergarten classes for the 2010-11 school year. All families who have signed up for EDO at this point will have a spot in EDO. There will be no lottery. Again, all families who applied for EDO will have a spot for next school year.

In addition there are approximately 9 spots left for EDO. Those spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Families who are interested should fill out EDO paperwork and turn it into Rec and Ed as soon as possible.

For more information, click here.

ALERT: 2nd grade open house date correction


The 2nd grade open house/music night date was incorrectly written in Mr. Karr's section of the April 1 newsletter.

The correct date for the event is Thursday, April 29, NOT May 29