Friday, August 29, 2008

First Day of School Information

8:45 AM -- First bell rings to signal the time when students enter the building.
8:48 AM -- Second bell rings to signal the start of classes.
3:42 PM -- Last bell to signal end of classes and when students exit the building.

Parents who are dropping-off and/or picking-up at school must follow of the traffic safety rules and the drop-off and pick-up policy.

Parents may drop-off children at the classroom in the morning.

For pick-up, it is best to meet children at a predetermined designated spot (by the office, outside under the awning).

Especially for the youngest and newest students, please be sure they have a nametag with all of their important information on it including name, address, teacher, phone number, and bus number.

Emergency Cards

Please remember fill out and return the emergency cards that were mailed to you. The cards can be turned into your child's teacher or the school office.

Lunch will be served the first day of school in the cafeteria. The prices are as follows:
Regular lunch: $2.50
Reduced lunch: $0.40
Lunches can be prepaid using MealPayPlus or by sending a check to school.

Please help to support the Wellness Policy of the Ann Arbor Public Schools by helping your child to make healthy choices for snacks to take to school.

Volunteer Help Needed During Drop-off and Pick-up

I am in need of parent help to hand out drop-off/pick-up procedure flyers on the first day of school to remind parents/guardians If you can help, please email me. I will need help beginning at 8:30 AM on the first day and then again at 3:30.

Beyond that I would like help to monitor drop-off and pick-up each day from 8:30 - 8:48 and from 3:35 - 3:50. Please email me if you can help--even if it is one day a week for fifteen minutes.


Morning/Afternoon Bus Route Information

BUS 81
• Geddes Rd @ Stark Strasse 8:18
• Geddes Rd @Towsley Ln 8:18
• Geddes Rd @Valleyview Dr 8:19
• 2300 Gale Rd 8:21
• 2385 Hickman Rd 8:23
• 2345 Hickman Rd 8:24
• 5665 Geddes Rd 8;25
• Dixboro N @ Erin Ct 8:28
• 630 Dixboro N Rd 8:29
• Chaseway Dr @ Ridgeside Cir S 8:33

BUS 51
• 2357 TrilliumWds Dr 8:29
• Ridgeside Cir N @ Parkway Blvd 8:32
• 1341 Dixbora Rd N 8:36
• Dixboro Rd @ The Arbors 8:37
• Dixboro @ Village Green 8:39

BUS 68
• 2619 Traver 8:04
• 871 Greenhills Dr 8:16
• 492 Pine Brae 8:17
• 459 Pine Brae 8:18
• Geddes @ Windy Crest 8:20
• Lake Haven Dr @ Pennisula Ct 8:22
• Skynob @Triangle 8:24
• Dobson Pl E @Wolverhampton 8:28
• Green Baxter Place 8:33
• Green Rd @Vintage Valley 8:38

BUS 67
• 5766 Geddes Rd 8:18
• Gale Rd @ Walnut Hall 8:21
• Gale Rd @ Meadow Dr 8:22
• 5519 Great Hawk Cir 8:24
• Gale Rd @ Stonehedge Ct 8:25
• Garden View @ Parkside Dr 8:35
• 4494 Goss Rd 8:40

Drop-off and Pick-up Policy

Unloading (Drop-off)
• Drop off near the entrance or near the exit of the circle drive only.
• Unload between the “Load/Unload” signs only.
• Drivers stay in cars.
• “Stop – Drop – Go Slowly”: Stop the vehicle, drop-off your children, & exit the loading/unloading area slowly. No standing or waiting in the circle drive.
• Children should exit the vehicle immediately upon stopping. If your child is not ready, you should exit the loading/unloading area to park or circle around and re-enter the unloading lane.
• Children exit on the passenger-side only and move directly to the sidewalk.
• Vehicles should exit the load/unload lane by pulling forward. Backing-up the vehicle is a safety hazard and should be avoided.
• Drivers should allow exiting vehicles to pull forward and leave prior to entering the load/unload lane.

Loading (Pick-up)
• Vehicles pull all the way forward into the Load/Unload area of the circle drive.
• Drivers and passengers must stay in their cars at all times. No parking!
• Children use sidewalk(s) to approach vehicle.
• Children enter vehicle from the curb-side only.
• To leave, drivers carefully pull out into the circle drive thru-lane.
• Drivers should avoid backing up when exiting.
• As a vehicle leaves, all drivers should pull forward to allow additional vehicles to join the load area.
• Additional vehicles may enter the Load/Unload area only as space permits.

Vehicles may park on Waldenwood Drive except where indicated, on nearby subdivision streets, or in the school parking lot. Please remind your child to use the sidewalks and crosswalks if they are leaving a vehicle or meeting you at your vehicle. Please do not park within 20 feet of any crosswalk.

revised, 8/08

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kindergarten Noon Bus Route Information

Bus 84 takes morning kindergarten from school to the following stops:
12:04 - Leaves King Elementary School
12:14 - Chaseway Dr. and Ridgeside Circle S
12:18 - Garden View @ Parkside Drive
12:22 - Dixboro Road N @ The Arbors
12:24 - Dixboro @ Village Green
12:26 - Geddes Road @ Towsley Lane
12:27 - Geddes Road @ Valleyview Drive

Bus 67 picks up afternoon kindergarten students at the following stops and brings them to King School:
12:19 - 3087 Glacier Way
12:26 - Garden View @ Parkside Drive
12:31 - Dixboro @ Village Green

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

MLK Traffic Safety Rules

M. L. King Elementary School
Traffic Safety Rules and Information
revised 8/20/2008

• The speed limit on streets around King Elementary School is 25 miles per hour.

• Drop-off or pick-up (Unloading or loading) occurs only in “drop-off zones.” See the diagram on the back where it says “Load/Unload.”
o “STOP – DROP – GO SLOWLY” is the idea when unloading in the morning.
o Load/ Unload means stopping a vehicle for approximately 30 seconds to allow a passenger to exit or enter. Drivers should not exit their vehicle when loading or unloading.
o Parking is not permitted. Stopping and exiting your vehicle or stopping and waiting in the vehicle for greater than 1 minute is parking.
o Please—do not exit your vehicle even for “just a moment.”

• Buses only in front of the school (by the front awning). See the diagram on the back where it says “Bus Only.” There is no stopping to load/unload or parking in the “Bus Only” area of the circle drive.

• Park in designated areas only. See the diagram on the back where it says “Parking.” Vehicles may park on Waldenwood Drive (except where indicated on the map below), on nearby subdivision streets, or in the school parking lot.

• Handicap parking and access to the school can be found by the multipurpose room. See the diagram on the back. There is no student drop-off near the multipurpose room and no parking for non-handicapped people.

• The circle drive in front of the school is one-way, runs counter-clockwise, and is for loading and unloading only. There is no parking in the circle drive.

• Children may not ride bicycles, skates, roller blades, skateboards, or scooters on King Elementary School sidewalks or the circular drive.

• Please be respectful of the King Elementary School neighbors. When parking on Waldenwood Drive or in the cul de sacs adjacent to the school, avoid blocking driveways. Avoid trespassing on the private property.

• Safety Patrols deserve everyone’s respect.
o Student Safety Patrols are posted at Glacier and Tremont, Tremont and Waldenwood, and on King Elementary School sidewalks from approximately 8:35-8:48 a.m. and from 3:42-3:52 p.m.
o Listen to the Safety Patrols. Wait until the Safety Patrol says “cross” before crossing. Walk straight across the street.
o To promote pedestrian safety, a chain closes the school parking lot to traffic from approximately 8:38-8:48 a.m. and 3:42-3:52 p.m. Safety Patrol members are not allowed to lift the parking lot chain for individual vehicles.
o Students must walk their bicycles whenever they cross the street. Students should get off their bicycles approximately ten feet before the crossing.
o Student Safety Patrols are not on duty during severe weather such as thunderstorms or when the wind chill factor is 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

District Calendar Correction

2008/2009 School Calendar Alert

In the Back to School booklet you received in the mail the calendar contained incomplete information regarding a set of scheduled 1/2 days for staff professional development.

These 1/2 days are for middle and high school students only. These 1/2 days are not scheduled for elementary students.

Middle and High School Early Release Days (1/2 Days)
(Huron, Pioneer and Middle Schools)

October 8, 2008
December 10, 2008
March 25, 2009
April 29, 209 - 1/2 day off only for Huron and Pioneer students
May 13, 2009 - 1/2 day off for Huron and Pioneer and full day off for Middle schools

There are no early release or 1/2 days scheduled for Skyline High School or Community High School

We apologize for the confusion. Please refer to your school's calendar for complete information.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Information For Parents

New and old families alike will likely find answers to their AAPS related questions at

Welcome Night for New Families - 8/27 @ 7 PM

Bring your new to King student(s) to school on August 27 to hear a welcome message from Mr. Karr and the PTO, take a tour the building, and find out details about daily routines and other valuable information--such as how to get a second slice of pizza at lunch time.

The fun starts at 7 PM! We hope to see you on August 27.

Fruit and Vegetable Snacks Only Please - Food Allergies

During the first four weeks of school we will be evaluating food allergy response plans for students with medically sensitive needs. During this time, please send ONLY fruit and vegetable snacks to school. This is necessary to be responsive to the increasing number of medically sensitive situations with which we are faced.

AAPS Wellness Policy: I also want to note the AAPS has a Wellness Policy that covers both nutrition education and nutrition standards. In particular, the policy states that foods of minimal nutritional value will not be served during the instructional day, including the meal service period.

What does this mean for you? I encourage families to consider healthy choices, such as non-food items, as part of birthday and classroom celebrations. Of course, there is no way to mandate this kind of thing, but I am very aware how important the promotion healthy choices to students has been to the MLK community. Some healthy food suggestions include:
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Yogurt
  • Bagels with low-fat cream cheese
  • Baby carrot and other vegetables with low-fat dip
  • Fig cookies
  • Animal crackers
  • Baked Chips
  • Low-fat popcorn
  • Granola bars (but may contain allergens)
  • Soft pretzels and mustard
  • Pizza (no extra cheese)
  • Pudding
  • String cheese
  • Cereal bar
  • Single-serve low-fat flavored milk
  • 100% fruit juice
  • Flavored bottled water
My recent healthy discovery: While shopping recently (at Costco), I picked up a product called "Trio Bars." They taste good, come in a variety of flavors and contain no trans fat, no additives, no preservatives, no cholesterol, are Kosher, and have no gluten, dairy or wheat. If they sound interesting to you, you might enjoy them as a healthy choice.

Medicine at School

Dear Parents,

If you have children enrolled who have need of emergency medication(s), please bring the medication, along with a completed physician and parent authorization forms, to the school office. Blank forms for the physician and parent authorization of the administration of medication at school may be obtained from the school office or click here. This process must be followed for all medications, including those that are "over-the-counter." In other words, medicine be administered at school ONLY with doctor's orders.

Thank you assisting in this very important matter.


Mazie Hamilton
King School Nurse
(734)994-8292 x52126

Mentor Program Information for "Old" MLK Families

King Elementary School is looking for current King families that are willing to meet a family new to the King community. Matches will be made by a facilitator. All information will be kept strictly confidential until a match is made. Matches will be based on child's gender, grade, and teacher (when available). Mentors will be notified upon a match being made.

The responsibility of a King Elementary School family mentor is to set-up a date for matching children to meet once contacted by the new King family.

If you are interested in being a King Elementary School mentor, please provide your name, phone number & e-mail. Also include your child's name, gender, grade (for 2008-2009). Please provide information for each child you have enrolled at King. The information can be turned into the King School office or e-mail the information to King Elementary School Mentor facilitator Susan Gechter at

Thank you for volunteering!

By providing your information, you are granting permission for your information to be shared.

Mentor Program Information for New Families

Dear New MLK Families,

Welcome to King Elementary School!

The King Elementary School Mentor Program has been created to help children ease the anxiety of starting a new school. The program is set up to provide a new King School family with the name of a current King family that has a child the same age.

Interested new families provide the facilitator with personal information to make a family match. The facilitator will contact the new family once a match is made. The idea is that the parents (new & current King families) will be able to set-up a place for the children to meet prior to starting school. This way, the new student walks into King Elementary School knowing at least one person his/her age.

Are you interested in having your children meet someone their age from King School? If yes, contact facilitator Susan Gechter at or 734-369-8765.

Please include:

* your name, phone number, & e-mail address

* your child's name, gender, grade, & teacher (if known)

Please provide information for each of your children enrolled at King School.

Once the facilitator is provided with your information, a match will be made and you will be contacted with the name(s) of a family (or families) that is willing to be contacted by you.