Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MLK School Improvement Team

The MLK School Improvement Team will meet for the first time of the 2008-09 school year on Friday, October 3. The purpose of the MLK SIT team is to:
- Support the requirements of Education Yes!;
- Facilitate the improvement of MLK School through the analysis
of achievement data;
- Implement strategies to support Education Yes! strand 4;
- Fulfill the requirements of Public Act 25 of 1990.

Click here for more information about Education Yes!

The tentative meeting dates for this year are 11/7, 12/5, 1/9, 2/6, 3/6, 4/3, and 5/1 from 7:30 - 8:30 AM. If you would like more information about the School Improvement Team, please call Mr. Karr in the school office.

King Family 5K Registration due THIS WEEK!

Guarantee your King 5K shirt...REGISTER TODAY!

Run, don't walk to turn in your King of Hearts Family 5K registration form in! Regular registration is due tomorrow: Wednesday, October 1. Late registration will be accepted through Monday, October 6...however late fees will apply.

King 5K shirts are only guaranteed for families & individuals that turn in their registration forms by October 6. After that, t-shirts will be available on a limited, first-come, first-serve basis.

Race day is bound to be fun. We will have grade level dashes, temporary tattoos, and Ann Arbor School of Performing Arts performing before the race. After the race there will be snacks and music again including performances by various bands from Ann Arbor School of Rock. It will be a great day!

Want to join in on the fun, register today! Contact Susan Gechter at susbg@comcast.net with any questions.

Sally Foster Sale Starts This Week!!

Please help support the King School tradition of sending our 5th graders to Space Camp!

What is Space Camp?

The U.S. Space Camp program uses the excitement of hands-on simulated space exploration to motivate students to pursue more math and science studies in the classroom. Some activities include actually experiencing a simulated space walk, weightlessness, and maneuvering in a spacesuit. Students build and launch their own rockets, and participate in shuttle simulations where each student replicates real space flight activities. For more complete information about Space Camp, visit www.spacecamp.com.

Despite the fact that many 5th grade families financially support most of our expenses, we still need the King Community's help to make Space Camp happen for the whole class.
All students were sent home last Friday with a catalog filled with useful and quality gift wrap, gift items and more. Please consider shopping (and buying) for yourselves as well as passing this opportunity on to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Chances are, one of your neighbor's children also enjoyed the wonderful experience of space camp at one time!

Extra catalogs are available in the office if needed.

Any questions, contact Cynthia Gur-Arie at cynthia@gur-arie.com or 734-718-5683.

Thank you, Sincerely,
The 5th Graders, Parents & Teachers

PTO Nominations Still Being Accepted

Submitted by: Susan Gechter

Support the King PTO...nominate yourself (or others) for one of the following PTO positions:

Vice President - Academics
Vice President - Communications
Vice President - Events
Vice President - Fundraising

Gift Cards*
Green Baxter Court PTO Liaison*
Ice Cream Social Co-Chair*
Lunchtime Enrichment*

New PTO Chairs & Vice Presidents will take over their new positions following the conclusion of the October 14, 2008 King PTO meeting.

Please be aware that the PTO will be forced to cancel any event or activity that does not have a PTO Chair. These positions are starred (*) above. So please, save our events & activities by volunteering to chair the event today. Nominations will be accepted through October 3, 2008.

Do you need a nomination form? You can pick one up on the bulletin board between the front door & the school office or contact kingpto@gmail.com to get a another copy e-mailed to you. Thanks!

Call for Help in the Library Media Center

It's such a pleasure working here at King's Library Media Center, and I thank you all for your warm welcome and wonderful kids.

One of my goals is to help every child LOVE reading, checking out lots of books as often as possible. To do this I need lots of parent and grandparent VOLUNTEERS--do you have an hour or two a week to spare?

It's really fun, no experience is required, and you'll know you're helping make excellent literacy possible for all of our kids.

The times listed below are still open for volunteers, about two adults per time slot is just right. (You can sign up with a friend, or come meet a new one!) Some people like to come when their child's class is in the library, but there are no exact time slots or requirements, you set up a time that's convenient to you. And if you can't come every week? I'd expect that, things come up, but I can promise you good work whenever you appear!


Monday afternoon from 1:30 on (1:30 is Gracey's class, 2:10 is Lake, 2:50 is Huyck)

Wednesday mornings from 9 am on (9:00 is Jarjura, 9:40 is Gatonez, 10:20 is Clarkson)

Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 on (1:00 is Petty, 1:40 Knorr, 2:20 K-Shah)

Thursday mornings (9:00 Harris, 9:40 Haddas)

Friday mornings (9:00 Teshima, 9:40 Schaffer)

Did you have another time in mind? Want to sign up for one of these? Have any questions or comments? Please email me at okeefea@aaps.k12.mi.us.

King PTO After School Writing Workshop -Back by Popular Demand!

DEAR WORLD: Writing About Your Environment

Are you in 3rd or 4th grade, love the outdoors and being creative? If the answer is "yes," then this writing workshop is for you! Be prepared to go outdoors, observe nature, and become more aware of your environment. You can choose to write letters, poems, stories, songs, or favorite memories. You can also add drawings, photos, or paintings to your written pieces. Bring your curiosity and love of nature with you on this fun writing adventure!

This PTO-sponsored workshop is free to King 3rd and 4th graders. It runs on Wednesdays after school until 5pm, beginning on October 15th with our final celebration on December 3rd. Space is limited, and we enroll on a first-come-first-served basis. Look for the sign-up sheet in backpack-mail soon!

Questions? Contact Camille Ziolek acziolek@oaklandcc.edu

Monday, September 29, 2008

There are TWO "Load/Unload Zones"

Below is a picture of the entrance to the MLK School driveway. The silver van on the right-hand edge of the photo is at the very beginning of the "load/unload zone." You can't see the cars in front of the silver van, but there is a line of vehicles safely dropping off children. The "load/unload zone" is full, and there is no room for additional vehicles.

You'll also notice there is a tan van pulling into the drive behind the silver van. The tan van needs to drop-off children . . . BUT there is no where to drop! The "load/unload zone" is FULL!!!!

What should the tan van do?

What should the tan van do? Here is my suggestion : Drive in the left-hand lane of the front drive and drop-off in the second "load/unload zone."

The map below shows the two "load/unload zones." The first one is at the beginning of the front drive and the second one is at the end of the front drive.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

MEAP Testing Schedule for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades

Families of children in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade:

The schedule for the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) tests this year is as follows:
10/14 - MEAP Math Test
10/16 - MEAP English Language Arts (ELA) Part 1
10/19 - MEAP-Make-up Math
10/21 - MEAP English Language Arts (ELA) Part 2
10/22 - MEAP-Make-up ELA Part 1

10/23 - MEAP Science
10/27 - MEAP-Make-up ELA Part 2

10/28 - MEAP-Make-up Science
10/29 - MEAP-Make-up any subject as needed
10/30 - MEAP-Make-up any subject as needed. No testing is allowed after today.

Tests can only be administered on a day the test is scheduled or on a scheduled make-up day. I know everyone does their best to avoid absences from school. Of course, please do the same on MEAP testing days.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

King of Hearts Family 5K Run/Walk

The 5th annual King School King of Hearts Family Run is on Sunday, October 19, 2008! This family friendly event takes you through King neighborhoods. There will be grade-level dashes and entertainment throughout the event. We are thrilled that King art teacher, Ms. Wayne, has designed the amazing 2008 Family 5K shirts this year!

Regular registration is due on Wednesday, October 1 in the King PTO Fun Run mailbox (in the school office). Registration forms went home in last Friday's Friday Folders. Extra copies are available in the PTO Fun Run mailbox or by contacting Susan Gechter at susbg@comcast.net .

Volunteers Needed for King of Hearts 5K

We are looking for volunteers for the King of Hearts Family 5K Run/Walk. Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

* tent rental/donation (ASAP - can do from home)
* set-up & clean-up (Sunday, 10/19)
* tent set-up (Sunday, 10/19)
* first-aid helpers - adult walkers/runners willing to carry a first-aid kit during the 5K (Sunday, 10/19)
* taking pictures before, during, & after the race (Sunday, 10/19)
* assistance with grade-level races (Sunday, 10/19)

We are also looking for a Race Coordinator who will be responsible for obtaining & setting up a race timer and lead the grade-level races and a Food Coordinator who will be responsible for the coordinating the donations with the grade-level reps and setting up the food.

Thank you for volunteering! We can't hold this event without your help. Please contact Christina Nedeltchev with any questions or to volunteer at christina@nedeltchev.net .

Thirsty? Order a King School Water Bottle!

Reusable, recylable (#2), BPA free water bottles for sale! King School water bottles will soon be available. Order your water bottles today on the King of Hearts 5K registration form! You may order water bottles without registering for the 5K. Check out the logo on the water bottles on posters at King School. Delivery of water bottles will take place on or before October 17.

Please contact Susan Gechter at susbg@comcast.net with any questions.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Get Ready for Sally Foster Sale! Starts October 1st!

Nothing beats "hands-on experience" which is why the 5th Grade Space Camp trip in May is one of the highlights of the King School Experience! Despite the fact that most of the trip is funded by the 5th grade families, we still rely on partial support by fundraising so that ALL fifth graders can participate.

Next week your student will be bringing home a catalog full of beautiful high-quality Sally Foster wrapping paper, ribbons, gift bags and various gift items to order starting October 1st. All items will be delivered back through the students early in November. We ask that if each family considers purchasing at least two or three of the very reasonably priced items, our campaign is sure to be a success! Of course we love those of you who purchase more, too!!

Please help support us this year so that this very special tradition can continue.

The King Elementary 5th Grade Students, Parents, and Teachers.

Support Your King PTO

Do you know all your contributions do to enrich the learning experience for our kids at King School? Each year, with the contributions you provide through member dues, grocery purchases, book fairs, the silent auction and more - the PTO is able to fund:
1 field trip for each class
School-wide University Musical Society field trip
Mini-grants for teachers to support their classroom activites
And much, much more!

As we look forward into the year and create a budget for the PTO - it is hard to believe that we are projecting a deficit (expenses greater than income) based on assumed cost increases with transportation, and adequately funding all those great initiatives that make M. L. King school the a wonderful community.

What can YOU do?
- Submit your PTO member dues today if you have not already done so. We request at least $25 per King family, but if you can afford to give more - guaranteed it will be well used!
- Use those grocery cards!! We all have them in our wallet - but it often seems a hassle to have to work with them. We all have to spend money on groceries - we are doing it anyway - so the cost to us is only the hassle of pulling out that card and getting it swiped. Depending on the store - the King PTO gets 3-5% of the sales generated from purchases on the gift cards. Assuming a family is spending $200 per month - or at least $2,400 per year - by just pulling out that card - and spending no more than you would anyway - you can generate at least $72 per year for King School. Assuming 300 families at King - this would generate over $20,000 in revenue to support our kids. Our projected income from grocery cards this year is $4,000 based on past results - so make it count and pull out that card!

I'm the treasurer, so my focus is on the financial situation - but certainly - also take Mr. Karr up on his challenge for each parent to volunteer 2 hours for the PTO this year. In order to offset the budget situation, we are brainstorming additional income opportunities - and this will take more volunteer support.

Alena Stocking, Treasurer

Monday, September 22, 2008

Why is drop-off and pick-up so important?

We a a good drop-off this AM at King. There are a couple reminders at the bottom of this communication.

Someone asked me recently, "why it is so important for the King Community to be careful during drop-off and pick-up?"

The main reason is we all want our kids to be safe, but there is more to the story. Here is some information shared with me by some of our King parents:

Pedestrian injury remains the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among children ages 5 to 14. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 583 child pedestrians were killed in 2004; 70% of these deaths were a result of an incident with a motor vehicle. In addition, more than 33,571 children were treated in emergency rooms in 2005 for pedestrian related injuries.

A disproportionate number of the injuries sustained by child pedestrians are severe.
Children are particularly vulnerable to pedestrian death because they are exposed to traffic threats that exceed their cognitive, developmental, behavioral, physical and sensory abilities. This is exacerbated by the fact that parents often overestimate their children’s pedestrian skills. Children are impulsive and have difficulty judging speed, spatial relations, and distance. Auditory and visual acuity, depth perception and proper scanning ability develop gradually and do not fully mature until at least age 10.

These statistics can be scary, but they should also serve as a reminder to all of us to slow down and act safely in and around King School.

  1. There are two drop-off zones at King. Use both of them. If the first is filled, drive in the left lane to the second. On the map below, the drop-off zones are labeled as "load/unload."
  2. There is no parking in the front of King School. Parking can be done in the King parking lot and on Waldenwood Drive where appropriate.
  3. I appreciate everyone's attention to safety during morning and afternoon transitions. Many, many parents have commented positively on how things are going. Let's keep it up!
  4. Last, thanks to those families that walk to King School and help to alleviate driveway congestion.

Thanks and have a great day!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dance Class Cancelled

The dance class scheduled to begin at MLK on Monday, September 22 has been canceled. Please contact Rec and Ed for more information.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

School Picture Day - Friday, 9/26 - You can order online

Picture day at MLK is on Friday, September 26!

For your convenience, pictures can be ordered and paid for online at schoolpictures.com using our school ID: AA0404

Of course it is also acceptable to send orders to school using the schoolpictures.com envelope sent home with children. Just look for the flyer about pictures, and the envelope is attached to it.

Number of late cars at MLK each morning goes down!

This morning, for the first time this week, the number of cars that arrived after the 8:48 bell went down! This is good news and means more kids were in class today when the school day started than on Monday or Tuesday.

The informative chart below shows today's drop in late cars. Let's see what happens tomorrow!

Farm Fresh Fridays Are Back!

Now in its second year, Farm Fresh Fridays brings locally grown produce right to our cafeteria! On 9/5 delicious watermelons from Dundee were featured. According to some King students, these were "the best watermelons that I have ever tasted!" On 9/12 peaches from Greg Orchards in BentonHarbor were featured. These items are available on the fruit and vegetable cart in the cafeteria. Did you know that this cart, stocked daily with 5 produce items, is available FREE to all students? That's right, if your child brings his/her lunch to school, they can still feast on the fruit and vegetables. Remind your child to use the thongs when picking items to eat. In addition to the fresh produce on Fridays, cooked items are available on Wednesdays. For more information go to the AAPS home page and look for the watermelon icon.

Back by popular demand are the Farmer classroom presentations. Last year, a farmer from Tantre Farms (look for her tent at the Ann Arbor farmers market) visited the 4th grade and Kindergarten classrooms. Students sampled interesting root, leaf, and stem vegetables and heard more about how their food grows. Mrs. Griffiths Kindergarten made seed balls to plant in their gardens. All elementary school teachers in the district will have the opportunity to schedule a farmer visit again this fall and/or spring. Teachers will be receiving an email in the near future with more details!

Are you interested in helping promote Farm Fresh Fridays and other Wellness initiatives at King school? We need YOU! Contact Susan Aaronson for the scoop! susaaaro@umich.edu.

Support the PTO: Use a grocery scrip card

Earn hundreds of dollars for King at no cost to you, just by grocery shopping! Busch's, Kroger, Hiller's and Whole Foods all donate money to the King PTO every time you pay using a scrip card. Cards (except Whole Foods) are reusable, so you can keep your card forever, charging it up as needed at any checkout lane using any form of payment. Order forms for cards went out last week, and will show up once a month in your child's Friday Folder. Please order a card, and start earning money for the PTO. If you have any questions, e-mail Heather Schweitzer at heatherschweitzer@hotmail.com . Thanks for your support!

King of Hearts Family 5K

The 5th annual King of Hearts Family 5K Run/Walk is Sunday, October 18, 2008 at 1:30 PM! This family friendly event will take you through King neighborhoods. There will be grade-level dashes and entertainment throughout the event. Look for the registration form in your Friday folder or request one at kingpto@gmail.com. Registration is due October 1.

Please contact Susan Gechter (369-8765) or Christina Nedeltchev (998-1499) with any questions. We look forward to seeing King families walking/running at the King of Hearts Family 5K!

Bagels and Buns Breakfast - Friday, 9/18 @ 8:15

Each month on a Friday, the King Community is invited to the Multipurpose Room to eat breakfast together! We hope to see you there this week. If you can't make it this time, please look at the King calendar and plan to come some other time.

Menu and pricing:

Bagels $1, Buns $2, Juice 50¢

Starbucks Coffee is free!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Crossing Guard Update

It was reported that there was no crossing guard today at Tremont and Glaizer Way.

It sounds like at least one parent helped kids to cross safely this morning, and one parent has already called to say "I'll help if there is no crossing guard the afternoon." Thanks!

I've contacted Officer Sean Lee of the Ann Arbor Police Department about this situation to make sure it does not happen again. Officer Lee is responsible for placing crossing guards. If parents would like to express their concern about this situation, I can receive the information and share it with Officer Lee. However, if you would like to speak directly with Officer Lee, his telephone number is 994-2865.

Monday Morning Drop-off News

Thank you to everyone for following the drop-off procedures each day. It is certainly going smoother than in previous years. I appreciate how cars are moving as far forward as possible in the "load/unload zone" before letting their children out. This helps to maximize the use of our space.

I can also see that families are walking to school instead of driving. This helps decrease traffic at school as well as promotes healthy choices for our kids. Nice job!

Finally, I want to share the need to improve in two areas:
  1. While in the "load/unload zone," please do not put your car in reverse. Instead, wait until the car in front of you pulls forward and move forward with them.
  2. Please try to get your children to school on time. Kids should be in class at 8:48. Today 28 cars dropped off kids after the 8:48 bell.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

PTO Meeting - 9/16 @ 7 PM

There will be a King PTO general membership meeting on Tuesday, September 16 at 7 PM in the school media center.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Girls On The Run

Submitted by: Laurie Galia

Rec & Ed has a new class for girls at King School called Girls on the Run. It is for girls in grades 3 - 5. Powerful women role models lead girls through an eight week program where they use fun running games and activities to help girls learn about expressing themselves, making good choices, creating healthy habits and serving their community. The program culminates in a non-competitive 5K event which gives girls a chance to shine and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Girls will complete the program with a stronger sense of identity, a greater acceptance of themselves, a healthier body image, and an understanding of what it means to be part of a team.

Girls meet directly after school, twice a week, for 8 weeks with a certified GOTR coach. The $125 fee includes healthy snacks, handouts, a water bottle, t-shirt, 5K race entry fee and an end of the season celebration. The GOTR race this fall is the Haunted Hustle 5K which takes place at 9am October 26 at Pioneer HS.

Registration is now being accepted through Ann Arbor Public School's Rec & Ed (http://reced.aaps.k12.mi.us/reced.home/home ). For additional information about Girls on the Run please go to: http://www.girlsontherun.org.

You can contact Laurie Galia at 734-709-3300 if you would like more information from a King Parent.

A Round of Thanks Yous from the PTO

Welcome Night
We would like to thank Lisa Kohn for arranging another wonderful Welcome Night for New Students before school started. Lisa organized the entire event, including recruiting King students to provide tours of the school. Additionally, we would like to thank Mr. Karr for welcoming our newest members and by providing such wonderful information about King School.

We would also like to thank all of the 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students that volunteered to show new students and their families around King School at the Welcome Night. We couldn't have done it without you!

First Day Packets
Camille Ziolek, our First Day Packets Chair, was key in obtaining all of the necessary forms, informational letters, and more into the King School First Day packets. This packet contains a wealth of materials to help everyone get the school year started. A special thanks to Camille & her team: Laura Boudette, Alisha Faciane, Maneesha Gulati, and Lisa Kohn as well as student volunteers: Clara Boudette, Hannah Fenty, Lily Gechter, and Vritti Kharbanda. Additionally, we would like to thank Gitanjli McRoy for her help with gathering documents and general advice.

Welcome Dessert
A huge thank you to Lisa Kohn for helping organize the Welcome Dessert. It was wonderful to eat and chat with members of the King Community. It was another wonderful evening at King School. Thanks to Camille Ziolek for assisting in cleaning up the event.

Curriculum Night Success

Teachers report that almost all families were represented at Curriculum Night last night! This is great news. We're glad you made the time to come and hear what your child will be learning this year at school. Also thanks to all those who came to hear the State of the School presentation with Mr. Karr in the multipurpose room. As a reminder, the King School Annual Report is available as a handout in the hallway outside the school office.

If you weren't able to make it to Curriculum Night, I encourage you to contact your child's teacher now to set up a time for a parent-teacher conference. Our goal is to have a fall conference with the parents/guardians of every child at King. Please call school to leave a message or email your child's teacher.

Drop Off Status: Very Good

Drop-off today was very good. To have a GREAT drop-off, please
1. Pull forward as far as possible in the load/unload zone. This
lets more cars enter the drop-off and reduces congestion.
2. Try to arrive so your child will be in school by 8:48. We're
getting better in this area. Eleven cars arrived after the 8:48 bell
today. Two days ago it was 22 cars. Nice job!

An observation: There are LOTS of families choosing to walk to
school. I LOVE IT! It sends a great message to our kids when we
encourage healthy choices like walking to school.

Monday, September 08, 2008

School Really Does Begin at 8:48

As a reminder, school really does begin at 8:48. Below is the scene at school this AM from 8:50 - 8:55 when 22 vehicles dropped off after the 8:48 bell. This means that those students were late to school.

My intent in sharing this is not to cause undue stress. However, school does need to start on time so that we can utilize the time we have for learning. As much as possible, please drop-off between 8:35 and 8:45 when the first bell rings.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

Curriculum Night - 9/9 @ 6 PM

Tuesday evening, September 9 is Curriculum Night at MLK. This is a perfect opportunity for parents to become better acquainted with the world-class curriculum their child will be learning this year as well as with their child's teacher. It is also a time to sign up for the fall parent-teacher conferences.

The schedule for the night will be as follows:
• 6:00 – 6:40 – Curriculum Presentations in classrooms
• 6:45 – 7:05 – State of the School presentation in the MP Room
• 7:10 – 7:50 – Curriculum Presentations in classrooms
Also during the night, special area teachers (music, physical education, art, media center) and support area teachers (like teacher consultant and reading intervention) will be available.

There is no childcare at school during Curriculum Night, so we ask that children stay at home. Reason: In the event of inclement weather it is not possible to host the number of children needing childcare inside and still have curriculum night take place. We appreciate your support.

Friday, September 05, 2008

What a good drop off looks like!

This photo shows our ideal drop-off situation where cars have pulled forward leaving space behind them for additional cars to enter the load/unload area. Also you'll notice that the first car has not pulled into the "bus only" area (which is to the left of the child on the sidewalk). Thank you to everyone for your continued support in making our drop-off and pick-up area the safest it can be.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fridays are Spirit Days at MLK

Fridays are special days at MLK because we show our spirit! Everyone is invited to wear their:
  • Maize and Blue
  • Blue and white (King School colors)
  • The colors of their favorite team
  • Favorite colors

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sign Up for the MLK Email List

New families to MLK School can now sign themselves up for the MLK School Email List. Please click here to sign up!

School Begins at 8:48

As a reminder, students can enter the building at 8:45 when the first bell rings. At 8:48, the second bell rings and the school day begins. This means if your child is not in school at 8:48, they are late. Please do your best to be on time each day! Of course we realize that sometimes family circumstances necessitate being a few minutes late, and we don't want anyone to feel undue stress. If your child is late, please tell them they should come to the office before going to class to get an "I'm Running A Little Late" pass.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Attempted Abductions in A2

Dear Parents and Guardians,

You may already be aware of two attempted abductions that occurred on Sunday, August 31 at the corner of Independence and Packard.

The Ann Arbor Police Department assures us that these incidents were isolated and highly unusual. The suspect is described as the same person in both incidents. The Ann Arbor Police increased their patrols of the area over the weekend and will continue throughout this week. Ann Arbor Police consider this area of town very safe but they do advise people not to jog or walk alone at night except in well-lit areas. This area is very active so that made the incidents even more unusual.

Police advise that they do not believe there is any need for concern but to remain aware and to take proper precautions such as not walking alone at night.

The van driven by the suspect was described as dark-colored, possibly a Chrysler product with a bench seat behind the passenger and driver's seats. The suspect is described as white, 35-45 years old, 5 feet 11 inches, medium build with crooked teeth and dark hair with some gray in it.

The district works closely with the local police. Be assured that they inform us of any concerns regarding the safety of our students. This note is not meant to alarm but rather to buLinkild awareness of the recent situation that occurred near in our community.

If you have any information please contact the local police at 996-3199. If you have any concerns pertaining to your student please contact me.

Below are links to the two Ann Arbor News articles regarding the incidents.



First Day Drop Off/Pick Up at MLK

Our first day at MLK has been a great one so far. Thank you to almost everyone for following the drop-off policy this morning. Below is a picture of me holding the King drop-off and pick-up policy. Please follow it each and every day.

Our biggest challenge today was that some families parked in the load/unload zone closest to the exit of the front drive. To be clear, PARKING IS NOT ALLOWED. The idea is to stop, drop your child at the curb, and go slowly. Here is what it looks like when someone PARKS in a load/unload zone:

Parking is NOT allowed in this area. Parking is only allowed in the King parking lot or on the city streets (except where signs indicate it is not OK).