Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Incident at MLK - 10/30/2007

Dear MLK Parents and Guardians,

Today our school had to address a very serious incident where one student did not make it into school in the morning.

The incident immediately initiated a response procedure, which formally included MLK staff, district staff, and the Ann Arbor Police Department. In addition, many MLK parents helped in the search effort.

I am very pleased to report that the missing student was found unharmed and very close to school.

Your child may have seen police cars and/or a fire truck around MLK that were deployed during the search effort. Please reassure them, as we will, that they were in no danger and that we were only attempting to find a student who did not make it into school.

My observation: the response of the entire community was amazing! Immediately everyone rallied together to find the missing student. Thank you to everyone who helped in the search effort.

Please understand that because of privacy issues I cannot elaborate more on the incident but do know that our response process was praised by the police department, and the result was very positive.

Most of all, we are happy and very relieved that the child was found and is now doing well with the parents.


Kevin Karr