Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MLK International Night progress report 1/22/08

Dear King School International Night Team:
WOW!!! We are 1.5 weeks away from King School's fabulous International Night! Remember!
Thursday, January 31, 6:30-8:30. (and maybe a little later)
(If you are performing or working, plan to get there no later than 6pm or whatever time your team leader tells you to be there. Some teams start work when school gets out at 3:41).
NEEDED: STAGE DECORATION TEAM to put up decorations. Contact fkwang@aol.com
If you have a country display or would like to make one, please bring it to the office this week and we will hang them on the walls so the kids can take their time looking at them and learning from them! Be as creative as you want to be. We are looking for wider representation and political balance. Please remember no flags. Contact our Country Display Chairs Padma Anupindi p_anupindi@hotmail.com 769-5928 and Sandra Wong swong47@gmail.com 418-3290 for questions.
PERFORMANCES: Attached is a program draft, please check the info there, esp the names, and send me any missing/incorrect info! Team Leaders: Please read all the names, not only the names in your group, to double check the kids who are in other groups and let me know about kids who are double booked that may not have enough time to change clothes. I think i have everyone spread out enough but i may have missed a few people. Thanks!
The order is tentative and will still change.
Please give your music on CD to Mrs. Vanek by Thursday 1/24 so she can burn one cd (this is new).
3 minutes max,
enter from ramp side, exit from parking lot side,
practice your bows,
have parents assigned for both sides of the stage to help get the kids on and off stage,
tell your performers when to meet (you can meet in the music room, but don't keep them there all night),
feed your performing kids before you come,
music must be on cd to mrs. vanek by Thursday 1/24
send me anything you want me to say to introduce your group
Remember time is very tight so speedy entrances and exits are key!

Contact the Feast Committee Chair Lisa Kohn, lkohn@umich.edu, 662-1601! Entails set up, clean up, trash patrol, serving food, greeting people, decorations, etc. Mostly day of event, 3:00-9:00. If you pick up your kids after school, consider helping with the initial set up right when school gets out at 3:41. We need all hands!


If you signed up for the Tech Team, Chair Kun Yang, yk523@yahoo.com, 222-9497, will contact you soon. Entails set up of video equipment for simulcast and recording, manage and set up microphones system, making DVD of performances. Mostly day of event, 3:30-9:00. If you are technically minded and want to be a part, contact Kun now!

Red Envelope Team: Lei Ding, ldzhu@yahoo.com, 327-0162, Yu Tang, yutang@umich.edu, 222-9497

Entails helping stuff red envelopes, passing out red envelopes, helping get kids on and off stage, cleaning stage before last song. Some prep work, mostly night of event, 6:30-8:30. Easy!

Team Leaders: Please forward this email to your team members if they are not on the list already

Thanks so much everyone! Things are really shaping up! See you soon! Contact me with any questions!

Frances Kai-Hwa Wang

King International Night Chair