Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Student Art Update

If you have not seen The Ann Arbor Public Schools Elementary Art Exhibit at The Ann Arbor District Library you have 2 weeks left!  The show ends on May 29th, 2009. So go and support the visual arts, our students and our children.

The winners of King's Earth Day Poster Contest are: Daniel Huang Kindergarten, Greta Schorer-1st Grade, Irusha Hewagama-2nd Grade, Katy Formicola -3rd Grade, Eric Chen-4th Grade and  Siani Woods- 5th Grade.
As a cross-curricular Language Arts and Art lesson, the students in Mr. Clarkson's 2nd grade class wrote letters to local Ann Arbor businesses. One business, Blimpy Burger, wrote Nikhil Mandalr back and asked if our students could design advertising posters for the restaurant. Ms. Wayne taught the students in Mr. Clarkson's class how to use the combination of type and graphics to create the posters. The posters are on exhibit at the restaurant until June. The students have also created a comic strip about Blimpy Burger and will be on exhibit this summer at Blimpy Burger. Go see our students' work!
Parents, if you work at or own a business who will exhibit our student's Artwork for The 2009 -2010 school year. Please contact Ms. Wayne. I am looking for more opportunities to showcase the students artwork; not enough of our students' work get seen. My goal is to have every King School students' artwork seen in a public place. 
If you have any extra paper or plastic bags lying around at home have your kids bring them to Ms. Wayne. It is time for them to bring their artwork home.
Thank You, Ms.Wayne