Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Newsletter from Mr. Karr - 12/09

December 2009

Dear King School Families,

I appreciate the privilege of working with the students, teachers, and parents in our wonderful community. Thank you for your continued support in making King School the best it can be.

International Night Is Coming!
Thank you to everyone who is involved with planning and implementing International Night, which will occur on February 4, 2010. I’m always so grateful to Frances Hwang and all the parents and teachers who assist in making the event King School’s most exciting and meaningful tradition. Please watch Frances’ website about the King International Night at http://kinginternationalnight.blogspot.com/.

For families who are new to King School, I hope you’ll pencil the above date on your calendar and look for more information when we return from winter break.

Millage Follow-up - Ann Arbor Educational Foundation
While the recent millage failed in Washtenaw County, approximately 54% of voters in the Ann Arbor Public Schools district voted yes. If each of 12,971 "yes" votes were to donate the same amount as the millage would have levied (on average $250 per home in Ann Arbor), the AAPS would instantly raise $3,242,750 annually to support public education in the Ann Arbor School District. While that amount will not completely offset the loses Ann Arbor has seen in state funding recently, it would certainly support Ann Arbor Public Schools programs and students.

I realize with the holidays coming up this message is somewhat untimely; however, budget cutting discussions have begun, and the time to act is now if one is so inclined. For more information on where to donate, please check the Ann Arbor Educational Foundation website at http://www.aapsef.org/.

If you have questions, please call me at school.

School Improvement Plan
The King School Improvement Team (SIT) and the King staff have identified three achievement focus areas for the school. In a nutshell, the goals are:
1. King students will write paragraphs
2. King students will revise their writing
3. King students will read on grade level
To address these goals, we track which students are not achieving their corresponding grade level outcomes and teachers use this information to help address difficulties a student may be having.

In addition to what happens in the classroom, parents can assist too! . . . I recommend starting by attending Literacy Night in January. For more information, read on ☺.

Literacy Night Coming In January
In support of our School Improvement Plan, the King SIT with the support of King teachers has planned a Literacy Night for parents on either January 26 or 28 from 6:30 – 8:30. The intent of this event is to help parents to better understand the AAPS reading and writing curriculum. Registration for Literacy Night will begin in December and will continue through January. Watch the eNotes and the King website for more information.

Report Cards
Every child received a report card on Monday, November 16, and I made a presentation about report cards and understanding them at the November 17 PTO meeting. The presentation can be viewed online at: http://tiny.cc/reportcards. If you have questions about your child’s specific report card, please don’t hesitate to call your child’s teacher.


P.S. Thank you for ALWAYS following the Drop-off and Pick-up Policy.