Monday, February 08, 2010

King International Night Thanks!

hello everyone!
Thanks for all your help making king intl night a great success. We could not have done it without you. Thanks to all the performers, teachers, parents, friends, families for all your hard work putting together such a wonderful program! Special thanks to all our King School teachers and staff for supporting this great event. And thanks to everyone who just jumped in at the end and did what needed to be done.
Special thanks to Queen of the Feast Lisa Kohn; Music Maestro Mrs. Vanek; Music Tech Mr. Vanek; Tech Team Leader Wulue Zhao; Security and Parking Czar Carl and Linda Ryan; Stage Managers Sujata Shetty, Wayne Millette, Kirti Karia; Display Divas: Padma Anupindi and Sandra Wong; Red Envelope Team Daphne Lin, Jen Wang, Eileen Rich, Sharat Shetty, Hao Hao and Niu Niu Wang Pontius, Clague Alumni; Photographers Mauricio Moeller, Thomas Kanjirath, Margot Wang Pontius; Stage Decoration Meghna Chauhan and Hao Hao Wang Pontius; Bagels and Bananas Laura Boudette; Principal Karr, Mrs. Greene, Ms. Basta, Mrs. Jarjoura, Greg Harris, Cliff Williams, King Care, King PTO, and YOU!!
We had about 325-350 students in 23 performances on and off stage in 90 minutes and about 800 people for dinner. Michigan State Representative Pam Byrnes came by to check us out, as well as Look for our photos in Many alums from Clague and Greenhills came back to visit as well--it says something that International Night is cool enough for teenagers to want to come back for.
First round of photos are out:
International Night I
Username: kingschool
Password: king
International Night Part II
Username: kingschool
Password: king
Please email if you have photos to add to the collection!
We are still taking DVD orders. Please checks out to King PTO for $12 and put in PTO box in office with this form:
I would like to purchase a 2010 King School International Night DVD set for $12!
Parent's Name
Child's Name (s)
Child's Teacher
Phone (s)
Email (print!)
x $12 each set (check made out to King PTO)
Total amt enclosed   $


Thanks again everyone for a great night. Let's do it again next year!
–Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, King International Night Chair