Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fruit And Vegetable Snacks Only For First 4 Weeks, Please

Please send ONLY fruit and vegetable snacks to school for the first 4 weeks until all food allergy plans can be evaluated and implemented.  If it is possible to reduce this amount of time, we will send a note and post the information on the school website.  This is necessary to be responsive to the increasing number of medically sensitive situations with which we are faced.

Beyond that, I also want to note the AAPS Wellness Policy covers both nutrition education and nutrition standards.  In particular, the policy states that foods of minimal nutritional value will not be served during the instructional day, including the meal service period.  The effect of this policy will be seen in the food service program with healthy food choices.  In addition, I strongly encourage families to consider healthy choices, such as non-food items, as part of birthday and classroom celebrations.