Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The MLK Green Team!

Have you heard about the King School Green Team? Every student at King is on this special team. The challenge for each member is to help keep the grounds at King clean... you know, no littering, period! The idea started with several of Mrs. Knorr's fourth graders, Zoe Zimmerman and Michiko Ota. In their minds, thoughts about the Green Team might involve more conscientious recycling, encouraging people to car pool, reducing wastes, and as a starter, keeping the grounds clean. I, Linda Ryan, chair the landscape committee and have picked up litter over the course of the year now and then. On my last round, I thought maybe this job could be become everyone's responsibility, but how would I pull this off? When I chatted with Mr. Karr about the issue, he told me about the Green Team ideas. As a matter of fact, he had a pile of great ideas that had been accumulating on his desk. He was looking for a way to enable Zoe and Michi to put their green thoughts into action! Thus, the Green Team challenge evolved. The challenge will last for one month ending right before winter break. At that time Mrs.Ryan will surf the King grounds for litter. If less then 3 cafeteria trays of litter are found, then the students at King will each get a reward. Posters, trash buckets by the doors, and weekly skits will encourage us all to keep the grounds clean. Are you up to the challenge?