Monday, February 04, 2008

International Night a HUGE Success!

Thanks to everyone in the King Community for making International Night such a great success (again)!

The snow held off, 1000 or so people ate an incredible gourmet meal, 300+ kids learned and performed 24 music/dance/martial arts acts representing 20 cultures from around the world, the technical and logistical details held together, everyone pitched in and helped where needed, and we even finished 4 minutes ahead of schedule! It was crowded and hot and chaotic and wonderful, but I hope you all felt it was worth it. We will see the real results in the weeks and months to come in terms of individual growth, school spirit, and community pride. (Did you notice how many middle school alums chose to come back for this event?)

Thanks to our approximately 200 volunteers for working all year to make this event a great success. I want to take a moment to thank all our committee chairs and team leaders, without whom we could not have accomplished what we have accomplished for our children and our school:

Queen of the Feast: Lisa Kohn (3)

Tech Team Leader: Kun Yang (4)

Security and Parking Czar: Carl Ryan (2)

Stage Managers: Sujata Shetty (3), Wayne Millette (2, 4), Lingzhi Chen (2, 4), Maneesha Gulati (3)

Music Maestro: Mrs. Barb Vanek and Mr. Vanek too

Special Guest Pianist: Corky Landes

Display Divas: Padma Anupindi (1), Sandra Wong (1)

Stage Decoration Team: Hiroe Peterson (1), Margot and Hao Hao Wang Pontius (alums)

Red Envelope Team: Lei Ding (4), Yu Tang (4), Lingzhi Chen (2, 4)

Photographers: Mauricio Moeller (3), Thomas Kanjirath (3), Chung Choi (4), Randy Karr (Mr. Karr's Dad!)

Drinks Sales: Mrs. Knorr, Mrs. Shafie, Mr. Petty, fourth grade families

Technical Advisors: Kaori Ohara (Angell School International Night Chair) and Linh Song (Mamnon Organization)

Custodians (please thank them when you see them): Greg Harris, Cliff Williams

Performance Team Leaders: Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jarjoura, Lily Au, Stephanie Kearns, Yongchu Lee, Amy Meltzer, Zoe Koosis, Lei Ding, Donna Chen, Julie Li, Raphaela Luzio, Fu You-Yin, Sujata Shetty, Kirti Karia, Jon and Laurie Galia, Line and Michiel van Nieuwstadt, Yu Tang, Xuhong Cao, Heather Schweitzer, Ksenia Kosak, Eileen Rich, Anna Yan Yu, Padma Anupindi, Rachel Sabb, Sarah Liang, Jen-Hwen Wang, Mrs. Vanek

Dance, music, martial arts teachers: Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Vanek, Mrs. Jarjoura , Hiroko Ohsako, Noriko Miyaji, Kazuko Kawai, Stephanie Kearns, Katie Radoluvic (Clague), Percy Pryor (Clague), Julie Li (who came back from Shanghai to teach her students this dance!), John Sanderson, Raphaela Luzio, Amy Meltzer, Zoe Koosis, Aviva Gordon, Emily Gitlin, Li Ai, Jennifer and Jeffrey Pan (Greenhills), Kirti Karia, Sun Ok Kim, Jon Galia, Michiel van Nieuwstadt, Sarah Malick , Rec and Ed class teacher (sorry I didn't catch her name!)

Supporting Organizations: King PTO, King Care, Ann Arbor Public Schools Rec and Ed, Ann Arbor Chinese Center of Michigan, Ann Arbor Chinese Dancing School, Ann Hua Chinese School, Language Adventure, Ann Arbor Public Schools.

More thanks to our Special Guest Superintentent Todd Roberts,Principal Karr, Mrs. Greene, Ms. Basta, Ms. Houser, Mrs. Vanek, Mrs. Jarjoura, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Knorr, Mrs. Shafie, Mr. Petty, Ms. Hughes, Ms. Wayne, Ms. Lake, King teachers and staff, fourth grade families, Greg Harris, Cliff Williams, King Care staff, King PTO Board and members, Maneesha Gulati, Alisha Fenty, Kea Berry, Camille Ziolek, Matt Schuster, Susan Aaronson, Laura Boudette, Cynthia Gur-Arie, Sassa Akervall, Lily Au, Linda Ryan, Susan Gechter, Melanie Snook, Laurie Barnett, Lola Killey, Beth Kelley, Corky Landes, Margot and Hao Hao Wang, and EVERYONE on the International Night Committee (sorry, too many names to list)!

And of course A BIG THANKS to all the performers, students, parents, teachers, families, and friends who helped with performances, posters, food, drinks, clean up, set up, security, parking, lunchtime enrichment, and of course attending! We could not have done it without you all.

As my four year old said at the end of the night, "We Rock!"

--Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, International Night Chair (Margot, Hao Hao, Niu Niu, Di Di's mom)