Sunday, March 16, 2008

Congrats, Academic Games Team!

Seven of our AG students attended the Michigan League of Academic
Games State Super Tournament on Tuesday through Thursday of last week.

Our 2 fourth graders who attended: Yong Ho Cho and Mason DeVarti (from
Burns Park Elementary, who practiced and participated with the King
team all year), were teamed up with students from other cities to form
a "combination team." This team finished third in the state in 4th
grade Elementary Minor Presidents.

Our 5 fifth graders who attended: Topher Wang, Andrew Hiyama, Evan
Sanfield, Deniz Guliari, and Alan Yeh, together made up our team known
as the Ann Arbor King School "Ace and 4 Kings." Each student played
individually in games against two other students from different teams,
and at the end of each round, players scores were added together to
form the team score. The opponents changed from round to round.

Based on team scores, the "Ace and 4 Kings" finished with the following honors:
* Second in their division, and the 6th best score out of 59 teams
competing in the state in 5th grade Elementary Basic Equations.
* Tied for Third in their division in 5th grade Elementary Basic On-Sets.
* Eighth place in the state (out of nearly 30 teams of 5th and 6th
graders), and honorable mention in Propaganda.
* Also honorable mention (finishing in the top 1/3 of all seventy 5th
and 6th grade teams who competed) in the state in Presidents.

Congratulations to all 30 students on our King School Academic Games
team, and to these 7 students who represented our school so well at
the state tournament.

Thank you to the King School PTO for sponsoring Academic Games at King
School once again this year.

Mr. Vanek and Christy Vanek, King AG Coaches