Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Crossing Guard Update

This morning it was reported that there was no crossing guard at Glazier Way and Tremont. As some of you know, this has been a fairly frequent occurrence on Wednesdays this school year. I am sharing this information so that you can make appropriate plans with your child if they must cross but when they arrive there is no adult assistance. Some families have shared the following solutions:
  • I walk with my child on Wednesdays. This way I can help him/her cross.
  • I have instructed my child to wait until an adult arrives to cross.
  • Maybe there is a parent who can fill-in on Wednesdays when the crossing guard is not present? If you can help, please do!
IMPORTANT: Some parents may not be aware that crossing guards are hired and employed by the City of Ann Arbor, not the Ann Arbor Public Schools. While I have been in contact with the city and I do understand their difficulty, please direct questions specific to the filling of the crossing guard position to the city by calling call Sean Lee at 994-2865. If you have other questions/concerns, please call the MLK school office.