Monday, March 02, 2009

March is Reading Month!

While King students love to read all year long, March is the month when we traditionally celebrate READING in a big way. What’s going on?
*Check out the family letter that came home with an optional activity sheet.
*Ask your kids what’s happening at school (something about a lion?)
*Watch these eNotes each week!

Week 1 Notes: Check it out! Kids and books at King

All King kids get to check out two books at a time (plus extras as assignments require)--and this month they get to have four! We don’t charge fines for late books, we just like to get them back when you are done with them. Sometimes a long book needs to be kept for 3 or 4 weeks, while in other cases kids get new books every few days.

Every few days? Yes, there are brief times each day when the library is open (like every day from starting bell till 9am) even if it isn’t your child’s weekly scheduled day. It has to be a good time for the teacher too, but oftentimes kids can scoot in to exchange books quite frequently.

Do you often forget to return books on “library day”? Kids can return their books ANY day, just slide them into the backpacks when you think of it. That way they’ll be all set to find and take out great new stuff when they visit the Media Center.

I welcome questions and comments anytime; email is best since I teach most of the day. Thanks for helping King grow happy readers!
Mrs. Ann O’Keefe