Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Important Update for On-Line Tupperware Purchases

Go to www.kingschool.tupperwarefundraising.com to purchase Tupperware
products and help King School 5th graders make their way to Space Camp
this year. It's a virtual Tupperware party featuring the full line of

*It's easy to un-link from the King School portal on Tupperware. If
you are checking out and are asked to Log-In or Set Up an Account,
you have lost the link which benefits King School. Simply click the
underlined "home" (top left) -- you'll return to the Tupperware/ King
School page. Next, click on "cart". This will re-establish the link
to King School. You should then be able to by-pass "log-in/ account
set-up" and go directly to setting up shipping and payment. Questions,
please contactLauraBoudette@yahoo.com .

You can also order great Tupperware products through the "Funraiser"
catalog which was sent home with your child on Friday. See the order
form in the catalog and return to your child's teacher.

*The "Funraiser" catalog has sold out of the slim line pitcher and
olive oil dispenser.

Don't forget about Sally Foster, perfectly timed for the holidays. Go
to www.SallyFoster.com . The King School Space Camp account number is
253608. Please forward both links to family, friends, neighbors and
co-workers. You can also turn in the packet sent home last Friday.

All orders are due October 16th. Please remember, no cash and checks
should be made payable to King School Space Camp.