Tuesday, October 06, 2009

King Drop-Off And Pick-Up Policy

As the weather has been getting slightly colder, we've noticed increased traffic in the front drive at King School . . . and some families who are obviously new to drop-off and pick-up. Here's what I need from families to make sure our morning and afternoon transition times continue to be safe and orderly:
  1. Read, know and live the MLK School Drop-off and Pick-up Policy.
  2. Drop-off in the morning can begin at 8:35.
  3. When in the Drop-off/Pick-up zones, DO NOT get out of your car and DO NOT back your car up. This is not permissible and outside of the policy. If you need to help your child get out of car, you should park on Waldenwood Drive. If you feel you need to back up, please read #4 below.
  4. Be patient. When there are a lot of cars waiting to drop-off in the morning, slow down, go slowly, and wait your turn. Thanks.
  5. Did I mention read, know and live the drop-of and pick-up policy?
If you have questions about these transition times at the bookends of the day, please don't hesitate to call me at 994-1940.