Tuesday, January 12, 2010

King International Night Update

Performances: Signups for King School International Night (Thurs Feb.
4) performances are underway! Please email Frances Wang at fkwang@aol.com
if you would like to participate. Reminders: all performances must
be under 3 minutes! Music must be prerecorded on CD. Colorful costumes
a plus! Practice practice practice over break!

Country Posters: Everyone is invited to make a country poster to teach
about a special country or culture that you like! This is a great
family project for the holidays. Maps are cool, but no flags please.
Contact Padma Anupindi p_anupindi@hotmail.com.

Thank you everyone for being a part! For more information: http://kinginternationalnight.blogspot.com

Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, King Intl Night Chair (fkwang@aol.com )