Friday, January 01, 2010

Private / Religious School Recommendation Forms

From time to time, families will ask to have recommendation forms filled out for other schools that are religious or private schools. This most often happens at King when families move out of Ann Arbor or when they are looking at private middle school options for their child.

When recommendations for private or religious schools are needed, the following procedures should be followed:

1. Bring the private/relgious school's request for records form to the King School office. Please do not take any forms to your child's teacher. Parents should make sure they have a mailing address to where the forms should be sent.
2. Once the request has been received at the school office, we will copy the child's records and ask the classroom teacher to fill out the AAPS Elementary Recommendation Form. The reason the AAPS form is used and not the private or religious school form is because it produces a single procedure that addresses a child's academic performance and not their personal qualities (like leadership ability, sense of humor, emotional stability), which are often part of the recommendation forms.

King staff are required to use this procedure for all recommendation forms for other schools. Parents should not ask teachers to do otherwise.