Tuesday, May 18, 2010

King PTO Positions Available - WE NEED YOU!

Take on a more active role in the King PTO...volunteer to be on the Executive Board for the 2010-2011 school year.  We are looking for two people to head up the King PTO...think about becoming the President or Vice President.  These positions must be filled so that the King PTO can continue to provide all of the wonderful activities, events, and more!  The King PTO can not run without these positions being filled.  See below for more specific job descriptions.
We are also looking for the following chairs for the 2010-2011 school year:  King Chronicle Newsletter Editor, Newcomers Network/Orientation Night, Green Baxter Court PTO Liaison, Healthy Students, King Clothing/Spirit Wear, Ann Arbor Parent Advisory Committee, Grade Level Representatives (all grades), & Teacher Appreciation Co-chair.  
Grab a friend & volunteer together!  All positions can have be chaired by one or two people (including President & VP).
E-mail kingpto@gmail.com to volunteer or for additional information.  In advance, thank you for all you for the King School PTO!
President - Presides at all PTO general meetings, board meetings, & executive committee meetings.  Acts as liaison between the PTO & King School principal.  Appoints all members to committees created by the Board.  Serve as ex officio member on all committees.  Performs all other duties commonly ascribed to the office.
Vice President - Assists the President as directed & presides at meetings in absence of the President.  Oversees publication of student directory, first day packets, grade level representatives, volunteer coordination, nominating committee, goals committee, & revision by-laws.  This person will be the first candidate considered for the President the following year.

King Chronicle Newsletter Editor - Monthly publication about the happenings at King School

Newcomers Network/Orientation Night---Plan/Host orientation for new students on the Wednesday before school starts.  Serve as resource for new families at King.

Green Baxter Court PTO Liaison - Works with the director of CAN (Community Action Network) and Green Baxter Court to ensure that the needs of families living in GBC are met.

Healthy Students - Serve as liaison with AAPS to help promote the Wellness Policy that encourages students to eat healthy & exercise regularly.

King Clothing/Spirit Wear - Selects, processes orders, & distributes King School clothing/spirit wear.

AA Parent Advisory Committee - Serves as King representative for all students with IEPs or 504 plans, attends district-wide PAC meetings, facilitates communication between individuals, buildings, & district administration to create a better environment for the delivery of Special Education services throughout AAPS.