Thursday, November 11, 2010

King Chronicle - from Mr. Karr

November 2010

Dear King School Families,

So far the fall at King has been wonderful.  Our students are hard working, kind, productive, and energetic.  Our parents have been thoughtful, supportive and so helpful.  Our teachers . . . what can I say . . . they are doing a great job!  I appreciate the privilege of working in this wonderful community. Thank you for your continued support in making King School the best it can be.
Today I'm writing to share updates of which I think all King families will want to be aware.  

Report Cards
All students will receive their fall report cards on Wednesday, November 17.  It is my hope that the contact you've had with your child's teacher during Curriculum Night and at the fall parent-teacher conference has given you a useful understanding of the report card.  It is intended to be a "snapshot in time" to report your child's current achievement. Of course, if you have questions about the report card, please contact your child's teacher. 
You also might be interested in knowing about a presentation I made at a PTO meeting last year about report cards.  The slides from the presentation can be viewed online at:

PTO = Wow!!!  . . . Budget, Field Trips, Turkey Trot, Planning Meetings: 
I want to thank the PTO Executive Board for their hard work so far this year.  The budget they've set is supportive to each child at King, and it supports programming that continues to make King School one of the most unique and successful schools in the state.  The budget includes support for:

·    Every child to attend a University Musical Society (or similar) production this school year;

·    A grade level field trip for each grade;

·    Needy students at King;

·    Academic Games;

·    Science Olympiad;

·    Math Olympiad;

·    Teachers to purchase classroom materials;

·    International Night;

·    And more! 

Last, for all families who were able to support the PTO's request for dues this year . . . on behalf of the King staff, Thank You!
International Night Planning
Thank you to everyone who attended the International Night planning meeting on November 9.  I'm always so grateful to Frances Wang and all the parents and teachers who assist in making the event King School's most exciting and meaningful tradition. For more information, please watch Frances' website about the King International Night at

School Improvement Plan
The latest updates about school improvement at King can always be viewed at
The King School Improvement Team (SIT) and the King staff have identified four achievement foci for the school. In a nutshell, the goals are:
1. King students will write paragraphs
2. King students will revise their writing
3. King students will read at            grade level
4. King student will achieve math outcomes related to algebra
To address these goals, we track which students are not achieving their corresponding grade level outcomes and teachers use this information to help address difficulties a student may be having.

In addition to what happens in the classroom, the SIT works to help parents become involved in understanding and addressing the goals.  As part of the SIT meetings this fall, we've been in discussion about the best ways to do this.  Please look for more information as the year progresses.  If you have suggestions or questions, please feel free to email me at or the SIT co-chair Camille Ziolek  (acziolek at


 P.S. Thank You for ALWAYS following the Drop-off and Pick-up Policy. We're getting better at following this, but we still have a ways to go.  Thank you for your support!