Thursday, January 13, 2011

Drop Off Safety Concerns 2

Dear King Families,

You will receive more than one email from me today.  I hope you'll find the time to read them all.

Thank you for your attention to safety during drop off today at King School.  From what I saw standing on the corner, all indications were that drivers were moving slowly and safely in and around King School.  Almost everyone followed the King School Drop-off and Pick-Up policy as intended.  Here are the problems that still exist from what I saw today:

Problem 1:  After dropping off in the front drive, a family began to back up their car.  What should happen:  Do NOT back cars up in the front drive.  Be patient, wait until cars pull forward and exit slowly.

Problem 2:  A mother was using a cell phone while pulling into the front drive.  What should happen:  Cell phone use is not allowed while driving during drop-off (or pick-up).  Don't use them.

After yesterday's email to the community and yesterday's letter from Officer Clock, I have received 23+ emails to share other issues we are having with parent driving behavior.  Here are the relevant parts of those communications:
  1. "Two cars (yes 2) drove the wrong way in the exit to the parking lot and turned around to get in line on the straightaway pick up spot by the bike racks.  Really. :0"  Mr. Karr's response:  "You've got to be kidding?  This is flat out wrong and represents bad behavior.  No reminder should even be necessary."
  2. "I am seeing cell phone issues.... this is an ongoing problem."  Mr. Karr's response:  See above.  NO cell phones in the front drive.
  3. "It is nice to wave as the children leave the car but please urge drivers to remember to look left before driving from the curb because other cars are in the drive away lane.   I have avoided two accidents this week because I was driving  slow enough and anticipated a need to stop.  Sadly, the mother never realized she would have driven into the side of my car had I not stopped."  Mr. Karr's response:  "Excellent point.  When pulling out from the drop off zone, we must look to the left and slowly accelerate when it is clear."

I also appreciated this: "On the positive side, the gentleman teacher who helps in the mornings, in the drop off circle, really does a fantastic job.  He helps parents and children, always with a smile, and keeps traffic moving orderly.  He deserves praise and a lot of thanks."  Mr. Karr's response:  This man's name is Mr. Brian Wierzgak.  I, too, thank him for his assistance and excellence.

Again, I am happy to receive parent feedback around these safety issues.  In addition, I am appreciative of the parent assistance I've received over the last three years with safety matters at King School.  It is my hope that the recent reminders are all that is needed to heighten everyone's awareness and adherence to being the safest we can possibly be at King.

Kevin Karr