Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Successful Disability Awareness Workshop!

Last Wednesday (January 21st) was the Disability Awareness Workshop for the fourth grade students. This full and busy day for the students was successful due to the efforts of the many volunteers. In many ways, the entire King School community deserves thanks for supporting this program, as all members made some adjustments in their usual routines on that day. Special thanks go to the following people who worked at the different learning and activity stations during the workshop:

· Steve Schwartz, the guiding force for the workshops and our afternoon speaker
· King parents Jan Ahlersmeyer, Dawn Baker, Hassiba Bouzit, Laurie Galia, Sara Helmich, Tony Iannone, Lisa Kohn, Christine Kukucka, Amy Meltzer, Raphaela Moeller, Michael Niemi, Suman Shankar
· King student teachers Ashley Chrumka (Shafie), Megan Mattson (Jarjoura) and Kenneth Page (Gracey) [thanks to their King teachers for releasing them during the workshop]
· Center for Independent Learning staff: Sigrid Barnes, Lauren Boland, Lucy Brown, Jen Chapin-Smith, Anna Dusbiber, Carolyn Grawi, Melissa Sartori, Mary Stack, Walt Stover
· Community members Barb Byers, Kate Reman-Wait, Amy Sanderson, Eric Sieber

We also thank:

the King PTO for their generosity in funding snacks for the students during both morning and afternoon sessions
Mrs. Arbour for the use of gym mats and other equipment, as well as adjusting her schedule to accommodate lunch in the gym so the multipurpose room could been used all day for the workshop
Mr. Karr for his assistance and participation throughout the day's events
Mrs. Greene and Mrs. Basta for their help in preparing materials for the workshop
Mrs. Knorr, Mr. Petty and Mrs. Shafie for their support of this program

It is our hope to continue this workshop each year for the fourth grade students at King. If you have any questions or comments about the workshop, please feel free to contact me. Thank you again for your support this year.

Kathy Grijalva (King parent & workshop coordinator)