Wednesday, April 08, 2009

MLK School Renovations Update

Back in October and December of this school year, I shared some continuing information about renovations at King School associated with the 2004 bond passed by Ann Arbor voters. Click here to view what was shared.

Since then, quite a bit has happened at school in the way of renovations including:
- electrical upgrades;
- installation of a new security system;
- replacement of some classroom flooring in some rooms;
- updating of all bathrooms in the building;
- repaving of front drive;
- replacing the heating system;
- installation of wireless infrastructure;
- installation of new "white" boards in all classrooms.

During the upcoming spring break, we've got more work that will be completed including:
- replacement of more classroom flooring;
- installation of lockers in hallways;
- replace cabinetry and sinks in classrooms;
- painting doors and hallways.

WOW! It is going to be very exciting to come back from spring break to see the new improvements--especially the lockers! I know the kids are excited about the lockers!