Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thank You King Community for a Terrific Silent Auction!

It was a fun, festive evening and there are many, many people to thank...so let's get to it.

Thursday night table set up:
Lisa Joseph, Diana Wang, Diane Alson, Michael Morag, Ray Stocking, Shu-Chen Hug, Julie Hollenshead

Friday Display set up & basket arrangement or if we move these bid sheets one more time!:
Rachel Saab, Kim Lyon, Suman Shankar, Than Than Win, Christine Kuckuka, Kathy Grijalva and Susan Gechter

Registration or (does anyone have a pen?):
Heather Schweitzer, Susan Henken, Kea Berry

Table Monitors :
Camille Ziolek, Francine MacBride, Shirin Naaseh

Food Line and Popsicles:
Cheryl Baker, Linda Ryan, Laurie Galia, Susan Gechter

Raffle Table:
Roya Najafi, Raphaella Moeller, Ellen Grosh

Check Out:
Sarah Helmich, Maneesha Gulati, Cecilia Sauter, Lily Au, Kea Berry, Line VanNieuwstadt

File Room or Here come the bid sheets!:
Alena Stocking, Suman Shankar, Kea Berry, Cecelia Sauter

Clean Up--you ordered how many tables?:
Brian Storey, Khalil Najafi, Brian Abadi, Shirin Naaseh, Roya Najafi, Laurie Galia

Thanks to all these volunteers who helped to make Silent Auction a success.

Lisa Kohn