Friday, September 25, 2009

About AAPS: Farm Fresh Features

About AAPS: Farm Fresh Features: "Farm Fresh Features this Fall!

The Ann Arbor Public Schools is happy to announce that Farm Fresh Features (formerly Farm Fresh Fridays) is back, providing our students with fresh Southeastern Michigan-grown produce every Wednesday and Friday in September and October. The Friday items are served in the Fruit and Veggie bars at the elementary schools, and are made available for the taking at the secondary schools. We will be featuring a farm fresh item on the cafeteria menu each Wednesday as well. Those items will be served as part of the hot lunch. All Farm Fresh Features will be available to all students whether or not they purchase hot lunch.
Fall 2009 Farm Fresh Features Schedule:
Sept. 9 - Musk melons from Ruhlig Farms (119kb PDF), Roscoe & Horkey Farm (89kb PDF)
Sept. 11 - Yellow Watermelons from Ruhlig Farms (42kb PDF)
Sept. 16 - Radishes
Sept. 18 Grape tomatoes
Sept. 23 - Fresh green beans
Sept. 25 Musk melons
Sept. 30 Cucumbers
Oct. 2 Watermelons
Oct. 7 Collard Greens
Oct. 9 Acorn Squash
Oct. 14 Yellow Squash
Oct. 16 Cauliflower
Oct. 21 Baked Potatoes
Oct. 23 Assorted Sweet Peppers
Oct. 28 Corn on the Cob (we're hoping for this to be participatory for kids to husk the corn the day before!)
Oct. 30 Butternut Squash

Farm Fresh Features are a project of the Ann Arbor Farm to School Collaboration whose members are:

* Ann Arbor Public Schools
* Chartwells Dining Services
* Project Healthy Schools
* The Agrarian Adventure
* Ann Arbor Farmers' Market
* Food System Economic Partnership
* Washtenaw County Health Department

The Farm to School Collaboration embraces local and regionally grown produce as not only a healthy choice for students but as a way to educate students on the availability of fresh foods in their area as well as supporting local and regional farms in their efforts to be sustaining contributors to our local economy."