Monday, September 14, 2009

Message Regarding Meal Pay Plus

From Chartwells Food Service:

> I am writing to inform you that the Food Service server that
> controls all
> of the Point of Sales machines in the district is experiencing some
> major
> difficulties . This will affect any Mealpay Plus payments that parents
> have made to the district in the past 48 hours. It will also affect
> balance updates that should have shown in the last 48 hours.
> In the secondary schools the computers can run independently but it
> may
> cause some slow lunch lines because the payments that were made
> today may
> not show up in accounts tomorrow.
> We will instruct our Food Service employees to allow all students
> who's
> parents have made payments to go though the lines with no
> difficulties.
> If parents call please advise them that we are working on the
> problem. We
> will notify you as soon as the server is up and running.