Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fire Alarm At King Today

Dear MLK Families,

I’m writing the let you know we had an unexpected fire alarm at school today at about 8:55 AM.

The fire alarm was the result of a King Care childcare worker putting a plastic bin on the stove inside the King Care office—something clearly against both school and King Care procedures. Apparently when the bin was placed on the stove, it nudged one of the knobs and turned on a burner. Shortly thereafter, plastic began melting causing a bit of smoke and odor in the hallway around the King Care office.

Upon seeing the situation, we followed our building safety procedures and evacuated the building. Students and staff stayed outside for about 10 minutes while Head Custodian Mr. Harris and I determined that any risk or danger had been safely mediated.

Because it is not typical for us to have a fire drill during morning entry, I want you to know how appropriately students responded going either with their own teacher or with an adult who works at King School. This was exactly the right thing to do! If you have an opportunity, please reinforce this with your child (and maybe tell them how happy Mr. Karr was that students stayed with adults who work at King School during the fire alarm).

Last I want to assure you that Mrs. Brescol, the King Care director, and I have spoken at length about the situation today and the steps that need to take place to make sure this can’t happen again. This includes reexamining storage in the King Care office, developing written procedures for King Care storage, and a twice yearly review of the procedures with King Care staff.

If you have questions, please call me at 994-1940 or email me at