Friday, November 20, 2009

POLL: Who Put The Ohio State Sign In The King School School Parking Lot?

Today when I arrived at King School, I was greeted with the following in the parking lot:
When this type of thing happens at school, it is obviously VERY concerning . . . and it quickly sets in motion an investigation to find out who is responsible. Putting up Ohio State University signs in or around school is NEVER acceptable!

A series of quick observations this morning found several possible perpetrators for the misplaced signage. Here they are (listed below):

1. Tim Kohn, a typically mild-mannered student, showed up to school today sporting the wrong colors.
2. Mr. Harris, who usually wears blue and yellow on Fridays, came wearing the shirt below. He claimed to have forgotten "The Game" was to be played on Saturday. I'm not sure though . . .

3. Austin Wang was trying to hide his scarlet and gray by wearing a green afro, but colors like that can't hide for long. In Ann Arbor, they stick out like trash in a garden.

4. Mrs. Brodkey and Max came to school decked out in "those" colors. What's nice about Max is that he tries to balance his OSU colors with his Dad's Michigan colors. Keep working on him, Dad!

The question of the day: