Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WESO Volunteers Needed

We need LOTS of volunteers to make Science Olympiad happen!!! As with previous years, volunteering is mandatory if your child represents King at the WESO tournament; and if you are a "key volunteer" then your child will be one of the 20 selected for his/her grade to represent King. The WESO schedule is roughly:
  • November: coaches and other volunteers sign up
  • December-early February: children register to attend practices for events
  • Mid-February to mid-May: weekly practices at King
  • April 23rd: Science Night at King School
  • Mid-May: WESO tournament

At this time, we are particularly looking for COACHES (or co-coaches) who can commit to attending a coaches' meeting in January/early February and holding one practice per week from February to mid-May at King (except holidays). Tentative events are as follows (note, not all grades compete in all events; see the WESO link at the left of this e-mail for details.

·         A is for Anatomy
·         Barge Building
·         Chopper Challenge
·         Circuit Wizardry
·         Estimania
·         Map Reading
·         Monster Match
·         Mystery Architecture
·         Pentathlon
·         Potions
·         Puff Mobiles
·         Rock Hunter
·         Science Jeopardy
·         Sink or Float
·         Straw Tower
·         Water Rockets
·         What Went By?
·         Write It, Build It

Volunteers to coach any of the above events should email Vivian Lin at  with the event you are willing to coach and what time(s) in the spring you can hold practices. Non-coach volunteers are needed too - please email Vivian.