Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Covert Operation Occurring . . .

NOTE FROM MR. KARR - The piece below showed up in the eNotes recently. My thought: It says a lot when you have to pay to have someone wear you team's colors!

As some of you may know, Mr. Karr has offered to "Wear the School Colors of your Choice" to 2 winning bidders as an item at the Silent Auction. As a neutral party (but not really) - I must share information that has been passed on to me. The Ohio State contingent is rallying their resources to ENSURE they see Mr. Karr is scarlet and grey. If you would like information on contributing to the OSU effort - please contact Terri Brodkey (tbrodkey@gmail.com). Are there MSU fans out there that would enjoy the same fate for Mr. Karr? Even Notre Dame? OR - are there Michigan folks that can pool resources to ensure BOTH winning bidder spots are guaranteed to keep Mr. Karr safe.

As chairperson of the auction, I cannot rally the fans - but I am sure there are some competitive people out there that can lead the charge. If you pull something together - we'll have one heck of a time on April 23 at the Auction - wondering where this will end up. If you want to lead a team.... contact me and I will ensure fair and equitable communication of your cause.

Alena Stocking, Auction Chair, alena.stocking@gmail.com