Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Successful Disability Awareness Workshop

On Friday, March 26th, King School had its Disability Awareness Workshop for all 4th grade students.  This is the fourth year for the workshop at King and it was another great success.  Without all the help from school staff, parent volunteers and community members, it would not be possible to hold this event.
Sincere thanks go to the many volunteers who made it possible for students to experience this interactive day.
Kathy Grijalva
King parent & workshop coordinator
King parents
Dawn Baker              Didi Massell
Darla Dubin               Tia McPike-McDyess
Susan Gechter           Amy Meltzer
Jia-Huey Jow             Wayne Millette
Beth Kimball               Eileen Rich
Lisa Kohn                  Ingrid Sheldon
Anamika Laddha          Line Van Nieuwstadt
Francine MacBride       Diana Wong
King staff
Kevin Karr
4th grade teachers Judy Knorr, Rabia Shafie (Ms. Jakubowski substituting), & Seth Petty
Nicole Melendez (student teacher for Mrs. Jarjoura)
Keeli O'Keefe (student teacher for Dr. Michalik)
Ami Ottoni (student teacher for Ms. Lake)
Mary Greene
Julie Arbour
Greg Harris
Community Members
Anirban Sahu & Claire Northway, UM medical students
Barb Byers, Dicken Elementary School parent
Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living volunteers, especially Carolyn Grawi, Director of Advocacy and Education
Steve Schwartz