Monday, October 04, 2010

Clague Middle School Parent University

Clague Middle School Parent University Dates and Topics
Learning, Sharing, Social Networking
Classes begin at 7pm 

OCT. 12, 2010           
Cyber Caution- What you should know about the internet, Facebook, My Space, Etc.

Jason Gold, AAPS and Ritchie Coleman, Pittsfield Township Public Safety

JAN. 11, 2011                  
Bullying: Victim, Bystander, and Instigator- Help your child negotiate adolescence and be part of the solution

Kevin Epling, Co-Founder Bully-Police

March 29, 2011
Autism in the Mainstream Classroom- Learn about autism and how you can help your child appreciate the differences and eliminate the teasing and bullying.

Dr. Mark Bower

Dates are subject to change if speaker schedules change. Check website before attending a session.