Friday, October 08, 2010

King School - Eletrical Issue

Good morning King families,
I am writing to share that things at school are running smoothly; however, we do not have full electrical power.  It was discovered early this morning that two of the three electrical "legs" King accesses for electricity had been damaged overnight, but one of the "legs" is operational. We have most of our lights.  Because we have lights, a decision was made not to cancel school.
Again, school has not been cancelled, BUT our procedures at the end of the school day will be different as follows:
  1. Electricity - All electricity at King School will be shut down shortly after the end of the school day today.
  2. Telephones - We are using our emergency telephone only at school.  It is a single phone; all other phones are not working.  Parents can call the regular school phone number; however, since we only have one phone, please use discretion when deciding to call.
  3. Rec and Ed classes cancelled - All Rec and Ed classes are cancelled this afternoon at King School (including Girls On The Run).  Since there will be no power, the school will be completely closed down and locked.  Parents should pick up their children today at 3:42 PM.  If necessary, call the school office at 994-1940.
  4. King Care cancelled - King Care is cancelled this afternoon.  Parents should pick up their children today at 3:42 PM.  If necessary, call King Care at 994-4485.  
  5. Parents pick-up at 3:42 - I am asking parents to be especially timely today during pick-up.  If possible, please get to school a few minutes early.  This is help to make sure every child arrives home safely this afternoon. 
Please email me if you have questions.