Thursday, March 31, 2011

2010 MEAP Scores Released

The fall 2010 MEAP data have been released by the State of Michigan. The updated reading, writing (only given in 4th grade), math, and science (only given in 5th grade) scores for King show below. We are very, very proud of King students and how they performed on the test. We analyze the data from the test to help us understand what is needed next in our teaching.

3rd Grade
Reading - 96% proficient, 73% advanced
Math - 100% proficient, 84% advanced

4th Grade
Reading - 99% proficient, 70% advanced
Writing - 91% proficient, 42% advanced
Math - 97% proficient, 87% advanced

5th Grade
Reading - 97% proficient, 88% advanced
Math - 99% proficient, 91% advanced
Science - 92% proficient, 78% advanced

Based on the 2010 MEAP, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School ranks as the sixth highest scoring elementary school and the twelfth highest scoring school overall in the state of Michigan.  We are a strong school community and these scores are certainly reflective of the commitment that exists from all stakeholders in the community to providing excellence in education.  

Thank you to the King staff and parents for their work in supporting out students.  Most of all, congratulations to our students for their fine efforts!!!