Monday, February 07, 2011

Grant Received: Stand Up Desks

With grant funding from the Ann Arbor Educational Foundation (AAEF), King School recently purchased four stand up desks!  Here is what they look like:

These are obviously not the typical kind of desk used in classrooms.  There is no chair and it is adjusted to be the height of a typical counter.  This type of desk allows a student to stand and do their classwork.

This type of tool makes sense in a classroom setting where students are afforded flexibility in experimenting with their best learning position all while keeping focused on learning and the task at hand.  In practice the use of the stand up desk is entirely similar to the ways in which adults complete work--sometimes adults sit to work, other times they might stand or something in between sitting and standing.  It is our hope that the effective use of the desks in accommodating student learning needs will help to increase student achievement.

If teachers at King think the stand up desks might be useful in their classroom, they can "check them out" using what we call our Achievement Team process.

Congratulations (and thanks) to the AAEF grant receipients:  Connie Ehlke, occupational therapist; Dr. Mary Spence, school psychologist; Kevin Karr, King School principal.