Monday, February 07, 2011

Jazzistry Performs At King School - 2/14 @ 2 PM

I’m excited to announce that with support from the King School PTO and grants from Ann Arbor Band & Trust and the Mardi Gras Foundation, Vincent York’s Jazzistry program will visit King School on the second Monday in February – 2/14 – at 2 PM!  This will certainly be an exciting day at school since it is also Valentine’s Day and the date of NAAPID (National African American Parent Involvement Day), a day when parents are invited to come to school and be a part of the day’s activities. 

In case you didn’t know . . .
Jazzistry is an educational program that uses live performance to teach children and adults the story of jazz and its role in American History in order to:
·    Expand how we view our society;
·    Cultivate a personal relationship with our history;
·    Demonstrate the benefit and beauty of our multi-cultural heritage; and
·    Create a new generation of jazz lovers.
In other words, Jazzistry is a history lesson, a music lesson and a geography lesson combined!  It will be an exciting and educational performance.  Parents who are coming to school for NAAPID are also invited to attend the Jazzistry performance.