Monday, February 14, 2011

King School International Night Thank Yous

THANKS SO MUCH to all the performers, teachers, parents, friends, families for all your hard work putting together such a wonderful program! We had 29 performances and 350 students performing,  representing over 25 countries and cultures, about 1000 people for dinner, and an amazingly fun time.  This was our biggest and best (and smoothest) king intl night yet! The quality and creativity of the performances continue to amaze me. AND almost every group it seemed had one or two tiny cute little brother or sister who was just unbearably adorable and irresistible. We could not do this every year without so much commitment and support and hard work of all the parents and families and teachers. Thanks all around.

Special thanks to Queen of the Feast Lisa Kohn; Music Maestro Mrs. Vanek; Music Tech Mr. Vanek; Tech Team Leader Wulue Zhao; Security and Parking Czar Carl and Linda Ryan; Stage Managers, Wayne Millette, Kirti Karia, Line VanNiewstadt; Stage Runners: Maya, Catherine, Morgan; Display Divas: Padma Anupindi; Stage Decorations Yunyao Chen, Kirti Karia, Meghna Chauhan  Red Envelope Team: Daphne Lin, Huijuan Tang, Bianca Zhao, Diana Wong, Donna Chen, Linda Ryan, Becky, Catherine, Hao Hao, Niu Niu, Nico, Clague and Huron and Greenhills Alumni esp Chinese Yo-Yo Team and APEX Glowsticking Team; Photographers Mauricio Moeller, Dug Song; Bagels and Bananas Laura Boudette; Principal Karr, Mrs. Greene, Ms. Basta, Mrs. Jarjoura, Mrs. Arbor, Ms. Shah, Jeff Kelly, Cliff Williams, King Care, Rec and Ed, King PTO, and YOU!!

Thanks also to all our alumni now at Clague, Huron and Greenhills who came back to help and perform and watch--they really help contribute to the family nature of this event. And wasn't the Chinese Yo-Yo and Glowsticking amazing?!!

We will be setting up a password protected site for King families to share photos of the event. Anyone who wants to share photos and videos, please do! i have no photos otherwise. :(

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Think of us during your travels and business trips this coming year--bring us back small coins and stickers.

Thanks again for everything, and thank your children, too! See you all next year!

Frances Kai-Hwa Wang
King International Night Chair