Thursday, April 28, 2011

Silent Auction Countdown: 1 Day To Go

Silent Auction Countdown—1 Day To Go


By The Numbers:  A  Small Survey of the Auction Catalog

1      Lawn Mower Tune Up; Junk Removal; Oil Change; Coolant Flush; Car Wash Certificate 
2      Oil Paintings by King Parents; Hand Made Ceramics; Swim Lessons; Signed hockey pucks;     
Girls Scout Cookie items; Photography packages; Sewing opportunities; Teeth Whitenings

 3        King Parking Spaces; Pairs of tickets to UM games; Baseball Packages; Cases of Wine                      
     4         Zingermans's offerings; King dinner or cocktail parties (MNO, Neighborhood
           Stroll, Asian-American-French, Bayou).

5         "I" Things  (I-pod shuffle nano; I-touch nano; 3-I-pod touches); Haircuts

12       King Family Donated Dinners/Foods:  Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, Cupcakes
                     For a party, Soccer cake, Apple pie, Dessert Sushi, Chocolate Mousse Pie, Smoked Salmon, Hummus

     13               Children's Parties/Birthday Parties: Hula, Karate, Pool for 50; Flip Flop; Laser; 2 Bowling, Spaceball &
                    Trampoline, Arty; Magic Show; Planetarium; Sewing; Blue House Craft

      16                 Date Night Packages

     30+     Nights in a hotel –From the UP to the spectacular Caribbean.

32   Hours of Tutoring:  E. Nopi, Kumon, Sylvan, Mr. Worman

300+   Items for Auction or Raffle—So BRING A FRIEND; TELL A FRIEND…or 3

New Items:  Detroit Symphony –2 tickets paired with $40 Webers;  Shankar Family Gardening Basket

Payments on Auction Night: 
At Registration, you will need to pay for your  dinner (Check/Cash—No Credit Card)
Pizza by the Slice $1.50;    Popsicles $1.00  (Cash—No Credit Card)
Check Out (Check, Cash, Visa or MasterCard)  Because we lose 5% of our sales to credit card fees, we ask
that you consider paying by check, but your Credit Card is always welcome.

If You're Getting Up at 4 AM for THE ROYAL WEDDING; please allow time for a nap; Auctioning requires careful attention, quick pen-to-paper reflexes and Artful "Hovering" that doesn't look like…
well, "Hovering".