Monday, April 25, 2011

Silent Auction Countdown: 4 Days To Go

By now you've had a couple of days to browse the auction catalog and you'll have to agree that something this amazing is worthy of the theme:  "Our State-Our School".  
Check Your Calendars for newly released party dates.
Under King Exclusives; pp 35-36
313 Bayou Party—Saturday, May 7th, 6:00pm
317 A Gastronomical Stroll Through the Neighborhood—Friday, May 20th, 7-10:00 pm
320 MNO—Mom's Night Out-- Friday, June 24th , 7:00pm
Name dropping is always a lot of fun and did you see the names in our catalog?
Carol Brady, Kurt Russel, Charlie Sheen, Christopher Reeve, James Beard, Craig Common, Chef Duc, Martha Stewart, Your Mother, Johan Franzen, Brady Hoke, John Beilein, Charles Woodson, Paul Frank, Ghandi, Neitzsche, Simba,  Mrs. Jones, Your Babysitter and of course, Debbie


Auctioning makes for a healthy appetite.  Reserve you dinner now and avoid having to wait until 6:30 to enter the food line only to find that the spring roles and dumplings are gone.
 $8 in advance;   $10 at the door

Bidding Has Begun! Proxy bids are coming in.

 313 Bayou Party –4 People

 402 Clarkson Classroom Basket- $200

  Proxy bidding is for everyone-even if you plan to attend.  You know the craziness of the last 5 minutes until close, so why not make your bid on those "must have items" now and give yourself a little cushion?


327 What's on TV Tonight?  A 57 inch Toshiba Rear Projection HD TV with Digital High Definition Tuner.

Here's your chance to get a high quality, almost-new TV without the new prices.  Logisitcally, we can't display this at the auction, but please contact the Yockey Family or the auction team to make arrangements for viewing.

333 Earvana  A pair of custom made Leon Speakers!  This is no ordinary sound—like the name in the catalog suggests.   If you're bidding on this, you want to experience the mastery of high quality theater sound in the very fabric of your home.