Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Silent Auction Countdown: 2 Days To Go

Silent Auction and Science Night Countdown—2 Days To Go!

There's a New Date for this King Exclusive Party
380 Cooking Without Borders: American-Asian-French style dinner
New Date is Saturday, May 28th   6:00pm

Science Night
At the conclusion of the auction, there will be a transition to the MPR for Science Night.
From 7:30-8:30 pm, staff from the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum will be running interactive experiments and demonstrations. 
Additionally, coaches and participants in King Science Olympiad will be recognized and presented with medals.

Combos That Didn't Make the Catalog
Each year the catalog team looks at pairing donations to make attractive packages and also to ensure that we have enough table space for displays.   For example, you probably noticed 248 Debbie Does Dixboro and how well the combinations work together to make a  great offering.  (Just ask our PTO President) 
 Here are a few Combos that didn't make the catalog--

325 Hula Class for Girls  +  125  Flip Flop Making Party (Focus on the hips, not the feet)

144 Soccer Ball Cake  +  315 Captain for a Day, UM Women's Soccer (Can you have your cake and eat it too?)

227 Kids Fishing Excursion  +  139  Children's Play Kitchen (Something smells fishy)

306 E. Nopi   +   111 Kumon (Brain overload!)

363 Cheryl Schroeder Jewelry Creation  +   265 Abracadabra Jewelry Appraisal  (A True Artist)

327 What's On TV Tonight? (57 in Rear Projection TV)  +  188 Playstation 2 Games (Star Wars larger than life)

253 Brady Hoke Signed Football  +  129 Dominos Pizza ("Pizza Man" hired him.)

359 Better Than Bangs (Botox)  +  263 A2 Works Photography (Before & After shots)

333 Earvana (Leon Speakers—premier quality sound) +   182 Uncle Willy CD's

Keep Studying Your Catalog, Make a Running List, and Have Plenty of Backs, in case you're outbid.