Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Silent Auction Countdown: 3 Days To Go

Auction Countdown—3 Days To Go!

Catalog Apologies
We are truly sorry if you did not receive your auction catalog yet.  Catalogs were labeled for "Oldest Child" or "Only Child", so every 5th grader and most 4th graders should have definitely received one.  Contact the auction team if you need a catalog:  king.silent.auction@gmail.com

CLICK HERE to view the catalog online.

How Do I Get There?
Check out the various ways you can get to your destination via the catalog:
Water, Air, & Land: Bicycle, Hot Air Balloon, Airplane, Ferry, Limousine, Kayak, Golf Cart, Water Slide, Parasail, Submersible, Horse & Buggy, Rope Line,& Trails

What's Your Drink?
Skim the pages and find a drink that suits you:
Triple skinny cap, Tigers Stadium soft drinks, Wiard's cider, 3rd   graders' wine, 4 Chuck E. Cheese's drinks, 2 pitchers of bowling alley pop, fragrant beef broth with lemongrass, neighborhood cocktails, sangria, extra strong margaritas,  better than everyday wine, Ethiopian Sidamo coffee, red wines from around the world, Grand Reve wine, 14-year-old Oban scotch or Eastern Accents teas.

Make Your Dinner Reservations
Pizza is $1.50 slice and that might be all that's left if you forget to reserve a spot in the International Buffet. Deadline is TODAY for reservations.   FREE DINNER to anyone who brings a non-King friend and they register to bid.

Share The Catalog!
Send the catalog URL to your co-workers, families, retired aunt/uncle who like to travel, friends who eat out 3 nights a week, parents with birthday party planning angst---King Silent Auction Can Help Them.

Proxy Bidding Welcome
Don't forget to share the proxy bidding URL—we welcome all bids, especially the high ones.