Monday, April 28, 2008

Earth Week and Spring Clean Up

Earth Week and Spring Clean-up

I was literally blown away by the King students and classroom teachers' ENTHUSIASM during Earth Week! My heart was filled with inexpressable joy as I saw landscaping feats occurring all over the place, and even in the untidy courtyards that I can never manage to tame on my own. I elected to work with 3 classes sowing seed in the areas damaged by snow removal equipment. Mrs. Shaffer's first grade, Mrs. Gracey's third grade and Mr. Huyck's third grade worked incredibly hard to haul dirt, rake it out, seed the area, then cover the seed with more dirt and straw. Pray for rain and we'll have grass!

My projects weren't the only bill of affairs...

Dr. Mihalik's class cleaned the woods and area north of the parking lot. this was a huge, messy eye sore. Thank you fifth graders! They also weighed in trash and recyclables all day on Earth Day to see which one weighed more. Ask them if you get a chance. I'm curious, too.

Mrs. Lake's class also took the trash vs. recyclable challenge. What did they discover?

Mrs. Knorr's class raked, pulled weeds and scoured Megan's courtyard, collecting over 4 bags of yard waste.

Mrs. Shafie and Mr. Petty's classes raked and equally scoured Dorothy's natural courtyard. The bird bath is filled, the window cubbies have been swept!

Thank you King classes for your willing participation. Doesn't our school look so much better?!!!!! Please let me know what other classes did that I failed to mention.

Spring Clean-up happened even with our small, hard working crew. Saturday Ellen Hopkins, Ravi and Sushruta Shankar and Linda Ryan weeded all the flower beds and removed leaves from the west entry ground cover. Thank you mighty souls!

Late Saturday the mulch arrived and the mountain was partially depleted. Shan, Brian, and Rhea Cong along with my family, Carl, Rebecca, Catherine and me hauled mulch to dress up the flower beds. Much thanks to the Congs. Family power really makes a difference.

There is still mulch to be hauled.
If you or your family can help, please email me:
Linda M. Ryan, Landscape Chair