Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's not too late to write an essay or poem for Earth Day!

Writing is something all kids at King can do and do really well. The writing subject is our environment, how to care for it, and/or how to preserve it. Don't delay, the contest ends this Friday, April 18th. See below for the guidelines.

Contest Rules for Green Team essay writing
1. Write an essay / poem about how to care for the environment. (see example poem below).
2. Make sure to put your name, grade, and class on your essay / poem.
3. Put your essay / poem in the envelope outside Mrs. Knorr's room.
4. Turn in your essay / poem by April 17.
5. Poems must be at least 1 paragraph, and essays must be 3 paragraphs or whatever fits on 1 page.
6. Kindergarten and first graders are allowed to do pictures with a sentence under them.

Example poem: The things I've heard, the things I've seen, to imagine them all turning green. I'd say that if we continue being fair, the earth will be saved for people whom we care. Baily Williams, Mrs. Higgenboggin's class

Winning poems will be displayed on Earth Day!
submitted by Mrs. Ryan, Zoe, Laura, Christine, Michi and Alice in Mrs. Knorr's 4th grade