Monday, April 21, 2008

Silent Auction Thank Yous!

Friday evening at MLK was absolutely grand! As the results of the Silent Auction become public, we are going to realize how successful the event was -- and again feel fortunate for all that can be given to our MLK kids because of the PTO's funding.

It is time to say THANK YOU to those who contributed this wonderful event. I'll start :-) and you can contribute by clicking the "comments" text below.

Thank you to Lisa Kohn for chairing the 2008 Silent Auction. The level of commitment needed to pull this event off is significant to say the least. Lisa's work, which was accomplished with style and grace, will benefit every student at MLK next year. What could possibly be a more significant contribution? Very nice, Lisa! I didn't see a bit of stress although I'm sure you worked very, very hard. WOW!!!

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