Monday, April 28, 2008

Free e-Waste Recycling - May 10

2nd Annual Free e-Waste Recycling Event
Saturday, May 10, 9a.m. - 2p.m.
Pioneer High School Parking Lot

The Ann Arbor Public Schools and the Climate Savers Computing Initiative@the University of Michigan are co-sponsoring a free e-waste recycling event for the community in cooperation with Apple Computers.

-Save our land and water systems and responsibly recycle your personal electronics
-Protect the environment- Keep electronic equipment out of landfills
-Conserve natural resources- Materials in your electronics are highly reusable
Unload old or unused:
Computer systems, speakers, monitors, printers, telephone/cell phones, wires/cables, televisions, modems.
For a complete list of materials, go to

All e-waste will be destroyed and recycled in the United States using an environmentally sound manner by an Environment Protection Agency-certified company courtesy of Apple Inc.

This event is for personal electronic equipment only. Last year, over 700 cars drove through the line!