Monday, May 05, 2008

Congrats to King Science Olympiad Teams!

Dear Volunteers, Parents and Coaches (and many of you are in more than one category!),

THANKS so much for your hard work and commitment, in making this another terrific year for King Elementary at the Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad! It was truly an honor to serve as the school's head coach.

Standings should arrive electronically shortly (there are usually minor changes after fixing small errors, and so I will send them out when I'm sure they're finalized), but we had an OUTSTANDING showing this year, capped off with the 5th grade's OVERALL FIRST PLACE, and placing in events in all four grade levels. We also won the banner competition.

For next year, Amy Cell has agreed to take the baton as head coach. I want to thank the organizing committee, and Amy particularly, for all their efforts, and I look forward to next year!

Best Wishes,
Ann Marie Sastry