Monday, May 19, 2008

Space Camp Report - Monday

Hey...Just realized 9 p.m. your time is 8 p.m. our time!!! So...

Everyone is doing well today on the first full day of camp. The chaperones tried to stay in the background and let the children bond with their camp counselors.

While roaming the campus, our chaperones have commented on how much the students are engaged and excited about space camp! The orange team members were spotted tackling the rock wall! The black team raved about the time spent on the "Space Shot!" "They go forty-five miles per hour! We could barely move our arms," exclaimed the pink group about the G-Force simulation! The blue team viewed an amazing IMAX movie where they experience life in space! Our purple group had first hand experience of what it would be like to walk on the moon using the 1/6 Gravity Chair. We can't wait to hear about what new things they discover tomorrow.

Your devoted Space Camp chaperones:)